Criminal Legislation

In this paper, two laws will be proposed to be enacted. These proposed bills are not currently laws in all states under the model Penal Code. Here is the first proposal. Anti-Deadly Arrow Law Section 1. Preamble- This law is vital to maintain peace and order in the community. The current trend is that juvenile delinquents who organized groups to conduct riots within the community can hamper peace and harmony in the society. These juvenile delinquents usually uses arrow to damage and injure their enemies.

Section 2. Definition- The phrase “deadly arrow” as utilized in this law meant any arrow or dart that when shot from a bow or slingshot can cause harm or damage of a person. It may cause death of a person. Section 3. Prohibition- Any person who possesses a deadly arrow absent any permit from a city or provincial executive officers who is a mayor or governor, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty or imprisonment for a period of not less than 25 days nor more than 180 days.

Intent- Any person who possesses a deadly arrow is deemed to deliberately kill or injure anyone in the community as his or her intent is clear for possessing a prohibited weapon. Any motive found against a person who possesses a deadly arrow that is not related to livelihood purposes for the use of the deadly weapon should be considered in the maximum level. Section 4. Regulation- Any city or provincial executive officer like the mayor or governor may issue a permit to any individual to possess a deadly arrow if such is to be used to earn a living for such person or constituent. Section 5.

This act shall take effect upon its approval. Approved, _____________. And here is the second proposal. Legislation Penalizing Timber Smuggling or Illegal Cutting of Logs Section 1. Preamble- There are many persons caught smuggling or illegal cutting due to the shortage of logging resources. It should be prevented as soon as possible to ensure that we will have enough supply of logging materials to be used for legitimate purposes. Section 2. Definition- The term “logs” used in this law means any timber or forest products either from any public forests or any other kind of forests.

Section 3. Prohibition- Any person, whether natural or juridical who directly or indirectly cuts, gathers and smuggles any forests products from any kind of forests whether under permit or not shall be guilty of illegal cutting of logs, and shall be punished for imprisonment for a period of not less than 1 year nor more than three years and or fine of not less than $300 nor more than $400. That, if the person caught doing so is a firm or corporation, the officers of the said firm or corporation must answer the liability or violation before the law.

If aliens are caught doing so, they may be deported in accordance with any law applicable in each case. Section 4. Intent- Any person who is found cutting, gathering or smuggling logs in any forests products has the intention to illegitimately sell the forests products or timber for personal gain. Such motive is contrary to general welfare and must be punished as such.