Criminal Law court

Def.C: My lady, Miss Vivian informed my client that she has got information which is tangible enough to make him a senator. My client asked the victim to come to his office and give the information she has but Miss Vivian insisted that my client comes to her house if he really wants to become a senator. My client decided to come to Miss Vivian's house with one of his men. On arriving the Miss Vivian's house he instructed his guard to take note of everything so the evidence found in this tape is to prove my client innocent of all the charges bought up against him.

P.C: Objection my lady, my lady I would like you to ask yourself this question "Why did the accused accept to get information from the daughter of his greatest political opponent?" such a situation is like running into your enemies trap with your eyes widely open. Besides my lady remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely This case stated hears is a clear case of violation of human rights. Chief Olunasejun as we all know is a born again Christian who loves his state so much that he wouldn't want traitors and vicious humans like Mr Amadou to rule. Def.C: Oh really the first Christian patriot in Cameroon wow that sounds nice to hear and I hope you understand that my client standing hear is also a well devoted muslim. it seems my learned colique is so blind to see the truth, no medical report has been brought up to show that the victim was raped, Even if it were so my clients guiltiness could only be proved by a D.N.A. test or screening.

Judge: Counsels I would take your ideas into consideration. This case is adjoined to further notice for I to prepare my judgment. The court shall rise. Court Rep: Court P.C.: As your Ladyship pleases. My lady I would like you to remember that when you get into equity get there with clean hands. My Lady, I would most profoundly like this court to know that where there is equity, the law prevails. My Lady, if we look at the government of Idi Amin, we would analyse that in spite of the fact that he shed the blood of great men, he went Scot free. My Lady, you can not be the minister of justice in a country where there is no justice.

My Lady, I would like us to look at things logically. There's a saying which goes that a smart lawyer is one who convinces the jury that a man guilty as sin, is as innocent as a lamb. Oh my Lady, I would like to say ironically that a foolish lawyer is one who allows a man who is as guilty as sin to go Scot free as the law has not been obeyed. What happens to the victim if the accused goes Scot free she loses her reputation, my lady if we still have a bit of mercy in our consciences I will therefore suggest that the accused be given the punishment that he deserves after all my learned colique had no witness to prove his client not guilty, besides the tape did not show any relevant information. Only a fool would believe and accept the tape as tangible evidence.

To this note my lady I plead with you to give a reasonable judgement. Oh my lady I rest my case. Judge: Any comments defense counsel? Def.C.: My Lady, the law is supposed to be played on the side of the innocent. Where there is equity, the law prevails. My client has lost his self-respect all because of a crime he knows nothing about. His family is tearing apart. His business is crashing down. My Lady, if we still have a bit of mercy in our consciences, I'll therefore prescribe that we should tender justice with mercy. My Lady, how would you feel if your husband attempted to send you out of his house because of another selfish man blackmailing you out there? I would like this court to put themselves in my client's situation. Then, you will all realise that the truth is bitter, but must be spoken remember he who gets into equity should get there with clean hands. My Lady, my client is therefore innocent to this note, my lady I rest my case.

Judge: From all the analyses I have received since this case began, I would say this is one of the most difficult cases I have experienced in my 20 years as a judge of this High Court. Firstly the defense counsel had no witnesses but then the results of the screening and test carried out on the victim shows that she is not pregnant and her father did not come to court to testify on the claims that he was so busy with his campaign. As for the accused he complicated himself by not giving a dishonest account of where he was on that faithful day. But these still doesn't change my judgement. I find the victim guilty of blackmail and her sentence shall be pronounced later. Looking carefully at what occurred in this court, I therefore find the accused 'not guilty' of the charges brought against him. This is my judgement. The court shall rise.