Criminal Justice Trends Summary

Trends are a fact of life, and they happen in every facet of it. Trends in cloths, cars, home decor, music, and many other things happen all of the time. They continually changing from one to the next and they do not stick around for long. This is no different in the criminal justice system, more specifically in law enforcement, trends change constantly in policies and procedures all of the time. The more time goes on the more politically correct the world is becoming, which means it is harder for law enforcement to do their jobs.

These days anyone and everyone is so easily offended and so sue happy that police are under the microscope constantly. Then the media blows each and every situation out of proportion and discredits the integrity and the reputation of all police to where they are not respected by their respective area that they are assigned too. Past trends in law enforcement have been having a general distinction for certain crimes, black and white, per say. If you committed a crime against certain people it was just the nature of the crime. According to Abt. Associates Inc.

(2000), “Consequently, in 1990 Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistics Act that defined what constitutes a hate crime and established a reporting requirement. Local jurisdictions enacted similar laws; as of 1999, 24 States and the District of Columbia had their own data collection statutes. Laws have also been passed to enhance penalties for bias-motivated violence and intimidation” (Hate Crimes – A Newly Targeted Offense). The biggest trend presently in law enforcement is the use of technology; by means of communication or locating a criminal.

Technology has boomed in the past 10 years and now days it is continually evolving everyday. New product come out every day making to past versions obsolete, and this directly effecting law enforcement. Law enforcement needs to keep up with the ever changing landscape technology because criminal do. The problem is in the budget crisis of law enforcement they do not have the funds to keep upgrading their equipment every time the latest craze comes out, but criminal do they have no one to answer to when it comes to buying new equipment.

What is so hard about this is police are not keeping up with the criminals and it is hurting the way they handle their day to day operations. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crime in the world, why? It is due to the fact that it is so easy to replicate someone’s information and steal their identity it is hard to prevent. With all of the new way to pay bills, order products, or just share information criminal can steal for another person without even leaving their house. Another crime with the use of the internet is sex crimes, sex is a very profitable business and growing criminal statistic also.

According to Abt. Associates Inc. (2000), “ In October 1998, President Clinton signed into law a bill that made it a Federal crime to use any means of interstate communications to knowingly communicate with any person with the intent to solicit or entice a child into unlawful sexual activity” (Increasing Use of Computers and Advanced Technologies by Criminals). These types of crimes came as the trend of the internet began to take off, and it show no signs of stopping. The only things that are changing is the way the predators find a way to continue their illegal activities.

The future of law enforcement the trend that seems to becoming to the forefront is gun control. Gun control is a very big issue and it has been for a while, but up until current elections and tragic incident this issue in now a trend that many are trying to control before it spirals out of control. This is a trend and an issue that has come with much controversy and will continue to be that way because many Americans feel that the government is taking away their rights, and are going against the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

With companies as large as the National Rifle Association (NRA) against this movement, and the following that they have it is going to be hard to ban private citizens to have weapons including handguns. The biggest issue with gun control is handguns, but just because they pass the law does not mean criminal are going to obey what the law says all this is going to do is hurt the safety of the American citizen.

There has been multiple studies that were the increase of the purchase of guns for a household decreases the crimes against them and that is going to be a hard sell to the American citizens to tell them differently. In conclusion, trends are going to keep happening no matter the time or place it is up to the person to change with them. The government need to realize that the officers depend on them to keep them up to speed on the changing trends and they need to stay ahead of criminals instead of behind them. References Abt. Associates Inc.. (2000). Crime and Justice Trends in the United States During the Past Three Decades. Retrieved from http://abtassociates. com/reports/CJTrendsThreeDecades. pdf.