Purpose of Criminal Justice System Essay Sample

The criminal justice system was made to enforce the laws in this country. There are different laws in each state but they all follow federal laws too. There are three main components of the criminal justice system which are law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Law enforcement is there to make sure the laws are not broken and they are responsible for bringing in anyone that breaks the law.

They also make charges against those who break the law and make sure the cases are strong enough to hold up in court. Law enforcement is made up of police officers and detectives. The courts are there to make sure the defendant is given a fair trial and they carry out the sentencing. The court is made up of lawyers, judges, and juries each does a specific job during a court hearing. Mainly the judge is the one who gives the sentence but the jury also gives their opinion on the case. Corrections are there to administer the sentence given to the person by the judge. They make sure that their punishment for the crimes committed is carried out.

Corrections are made up of correctional officers, parole officers, and probation officers. The government is also divide up into three branches which are the legislative branch, judicial branch, and executive branch. They each have their own job just like the criminal justice system. The legislative branch is in charge of making laws and changing already existing laws if they see it necessary. The judicial branch carries out the laws made by the legislative branch and also hears cases that challenge those laws. The executive branch enforces the laws that are passed. Both the government and the criminal justice system have to do with making sure laws are carried out and have a similar set up.