Criminal Justice System Institutions Essay

It is very important to have an ideal system which supports justice in any country as the system itself affects any other aspect of human life. (Boeles, 1997) stated that, when a country attains a transparent system of justice that is free from all forms of corruption and which can ensure that there is no interference with the judiciaries independence, then such a country is in a position to enjoy peace everywhere and security. People in a secure country can get involved in investment that would see the growth of the countries economy.

Those who are responsible in governing the country are able to do so at ease and effectively because there is not much interaction, stability is attained in all aspects of the society from social life, economical areas and in the political field. According to Joseph (1999), if the system of justice is able to mirror a country, then this would influence the top leaders in a country to carry out the affairs of the state in the interest of the citizens in a forum that is open.

Where justice formations of a country are streamlined and go along with the standards which are set in the world touching on the political protections as well as observance of the civil societies interests, such countries are planted on strong foundations and excel very well. The system of justice is a very vital aspect because it is the one used to solve all sorts of problems in the society.

(Boeles, 1999) expressed that this is the system used to solve societal issues from what can be referred to as a minor dispute between people to serous crimes committed, it is the system which offers the last solution between parties who disagree on various issues. If this system is therefore not taken care of there is bound to be a crises from the small groups at the society level to the top positions in a country.

The chain of institutions involved in the justice system range from the police department, to the management in the prisons, the prosecutors, the legal officers and the judiciary. According to Antonio (2003) the police can be said to be at the primary level in the enforcement of the justice system touching on criminals. When a person engages in an activity which is regarded to be criminal, they are first reported to the police. It is the duty of the police to arrest the suspect and put them under custody when the process of finding out evidence is going on.

The way the police handle and interact with the suspects greatly influence the results of the evidence production and at the same time the outcomes of the case. The police should also handle the accused very well to avoid a violation on the part of their rights. It is recommended that, for effective working of the police they must act in line with the powers given to them in law and also observe the due process. The police should always where necessary seek advise from the judiciary because the two must work hand in hand if justice is to be realized.

According to (Stephen, 2000) the system cannot be said to be effective in its mandate if the accused being at the center of the whole process is not protected. Even though the accused is looked at as a wrong doer who does not deserve any good attention, the law provides for the rights of those who are suspects of crime. The prosecutor has a role of ensuring that rights on the part of the accused are observed and he should at the same time ensure that justice is achieved.