Criminal Justice System Paper Sample

The justice system may be described as a set of legal and social institutions, which enforce the laws of a society, directed at establishing morality in the relevant society. The criminal justice system may be described as an aspect of this justice system. The goal of the criminal justice system is to ensure that criminals are deterred from committing crimes. Criminal Justice operates through five major components which are: 1- Local Law Enforcement, 2- Court trial, 3- Court Case, 4- Trial with Jury and 5- Decision and punishment.

The present day criminal justices system can also be categorized into three primary groups, namely the law enforcement agencies which investigate crimes and arrest suspects, the court system which charges these suspects, puts them on trial and sentence them; and the correctional system which incapacitates those sentenced by the court, and try to rehabilitate them. The origins of justice may be traced to lawlessness or a state of anarchy, which prevailed early in the history of mankind when poverty, scarcity and lack of progress existed.

Without a government or a binding society, the lawlessness state saw people robbing and assaulting each other for gains, and getting away scot-free. People then gradually got together to ensure their common interests. This is implied by the social contract theory. When man cannot rely on his individual powers to secure a contented way of life on his own, they join together to form a commonwealth (Kemerling, 2006). They gradually agreed on measures to ensure their collective interests in all aspects of life; and reversing the lawlessness was a main goal.

They agreed not to harm or attack each other and collectively punish the ones who commit it upon anyone of them. The rationale behind this contract is that people would accept these on the assumption that all others would accept it too. Punishments were intended to offset or exceed the pleasure or gain sought from the crime, so as to discourage people from indulging in crimes. The justice system including the criminal justice system got off from here.

I personally feel that any and every person has a right to timely justice irrespective of nationality, race or social status. In my criminal justice career, I intend to ensure this. Today it is widely perceived and to some extent supported by facts too, that conviction and imprisonment rates are closely associated with ethnicity and race. I personally feel that the criminal justice system of today require to be more effective in terms of rendering justice, without any personal bias and hate; and there is also plenty of scope for this.