Criminal justice – Police

Today the world is based not only on its economic downfall but its crime as well. Many people dont go by the rules and take matters into their own hands not thinking twice about the consequences. Crime is not a joke, especially when it involves innocent civilians who can end up hurt, with no protection of their own. This is why criminal justice is so important, it is their for the people. It is their to protect and get justice. It is there for knowledge and for people who dont necessarily feel the need to know about the law and how important it is to understand its meaning.

In the first few chapters, I learned that there are various types of crimes. Such as felonies and how serious the punishments are, Misdemenours and how the time is less severe. There is also occupational crime,organized crime, visible crime, violent crime, property crime, public order crime, political crime, and cybercrime. Many of these crimes involve a plan, something that they go by. For example, an organized crime is carefully thought out and in the end something is supposed to happen, there is a goal that they must accomplish in order for it to stay on task.

I also learned, that in crime not all is reported which is known as, dark figure of crimes. Not knowing what isnt reported is scary to think about only because this is what causes missing people, death, and other tradegic possibilities and not knowing the motive of the crime and who was involved is worse. Rape and other sexual assault victims do not report the attack. Crimes go unreported for many reasons, rape and sexually assaulted victims do not want to go through the questioning and the public embarrasment of the incident.

They want it to be a personal and private situation that isnt broadcasted. I also learned that race, sex, and age play a key role in crime. If you are an African American male, in your late teen years and living in the projects, chances are that you will be introduced to drugs and violence. These are stereotypes that are based upon past crimes. Overall, I feel that authorities in many situations take advantage of their power and abuse many of the privileges that they do have. I feel that racism plays a really big part in this.

If a cop doesn’t like you only because of your skin color and decides to arrest you only because you claimed to be innocent and in his eyes you were being disrespectful, thats a problem. A cop or anything of that authority shouldnt feel the need to do this and go against their free will. I learned that sometimes the officers forget the reason why they do things and when are faced with society as a group they have nothing to back up why they did something and why it was wrong, instead they lie.

The criminal justice system isnt entirelly about finding drugs in someones vehicle, or rading someones home, its about facing those criminals and letting them know who’s in charge. Trust is key, and if you cant trust the authorities who’s job it is to protect you then what are you supposed to do? These chapters gained my knowledge on the way the criminal justice in america is viewed and how its worked. Those who follow the law are good citizens but those who decided to cross that line and be a criminal they wont get away with it.