Criminal Justice Is Not Racist

Our criminal justice system is expected to be fair, rational, and accurate at all times. But then again, in a nation where different nations have convened, it is not hard to imagine that just maybe, the criminal justice system is tainted – and that it inconspicuously works to protect the interests of the “real” Americans, which are the Whites. And so the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans are unfortunately placed on the back burner of a criminal situation.

We all seem to be forgetting the biggest lessons of the 20th century, when Martin Luther King had bravely challenged both the society and the government to stop racism. We are now supposed to be living in a world where discrimination is a thing of the past. But how come it is so hard to prove that the criminal a system is not racist? Juvenile detention cells are filled with generally black or brown teens, with just a handful of white teens living amongst them. Does this mean most white teenagers reside under rule of the law?

Are the African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians, always the troublemakers? Maybe it’s just the way some people wish it would be. And it is just disappointing to know that these people are the very ones hoisted in the nation’s criminal justice system – the same system that is tasked to ensure justice, integrity, and righteousness of the entire nation. If this is the type of system we have, what then, is the kind of society we are living in? Change has to happen and it has to happen now.

The works of the great men to demolish racial discrimination should not be put to waste. If there is something blatantly wrong in the justice system, amend it. If the problem is the people behind the organization, do away with them. America is a strong and proud country. And it still is. But it won’t stay that way for too long. Not it if can’t uphold the rights of its own people – white or colored, pure-breed or half-breed, men or women alike. Justice sees no color. We shouldn’t either.