Criminal Justice: New Prison

According to Siegel & Senna it could be stated that the criminal justice system is a very important political aspect of the society and “the public depends on this vast system, which employs about 2 million people and costs taxpayers more than $100 billion a year, to protect them from evildoers and restore justice to their lives. ” (Siegel & Senna, 2007, 5) In this context it would be relevant to mention that prisons are a vital ingredient of the system and emphasis should be given to put the public wealth into better use.

Thus it becomes more important to evaluate and formulate a new form of prison. The new prisons would be aligned to human rights where there treatment of the wrongdoers would be more humane and the approach should be justified. There should be more space and openness for the prisoners and there should be ample amount of light. There should be different and varied amount of programs that include cleanliness, better education and better dinning approach.

The programs should also include justification of human psyche and a better manifestation of its nurture. Under this parameter it would be looked upon that the personnel chosen are well trained and morally sound. They should be humane in approach and there should be a good amount of staffs that are ethically aligned with the faith that the better side of a human character could be nurtured and sustained.

These issues are important issues as the benefits that the prison may provide for the prisoners would ultimately benefit the society itself and the use of public money would be well justified. This is because a person coming out of a prison would ultimately return to the society and thus it becomes essential to make the person suitable for the society. The new prison program is looking forward to achieve exactly that purpose. References: Siegel, Larry J & Senna, Joseph J; 11th Edition; (January 3, 2007); Introduction to Criminal Justice; Wadsworth Publishing