Criminal Justice and Metropolitan Police Force

Law is noteworthy to regular day to day existence in the past, present and future. I’ve generally been keen on my general surroundings and its operations; hence, the reason why I explored subjects such as Art & Design. I intended to get a deeper understanding of the world around me through this. Current issues uncover exactly how significant our lawful framework is in verifying a protected, secure society with the ascent of lawless clashes with gatherings such as; issues with politics, and extremist groups around the world. I want to study Law because this course is dynamic, quick-paced and focused, fitting my aspiring persona. Becoming a Lawyer is a profession that I’m incredibly eager to pursue, as I appreciate discussing important matters and finding the best proof to help my contentions in class exchanges and group discussions.

During my studies, I have explored many aspects of issues around the world that are expressed through Art; politics, Law and personal matters. These studies have opened my mind to more prominent aspects in Law within the UK and EU, especially over human rights and power, where the EU Law supersedes the UK Law and the recent issues with Brexit. Studying the history of Art has also helped me comprehend the different communities within the general public, and how various parts of the legal system has impacted choices and way of life throughout time.

Law is an explorational research-based subject which I trust I will almost certainly stay aware of because of my free hands-on work in my exploration of UK Law through Art. My composed and expository aptitudes have been developed through my studies in creative writing, which is fundamental to Law’s essay-based degree.

I have always been interested in Law and Criminal Justice, ever since I was a young child. I initially intended to work in the Metropolitan Police force, but I then decided to explore my creative side further, which only made me realise that I much prefer studying Law, as most of my creative-based projects have been related to Law and Criminal Justice within the UK and EU. My previous work experiences have been childcare-related, which means I have gained a lot of understanding and empathy for people. I understand how minds work better, and I have gained relevant communication, team-work and reliability skills from these experiences, which I believe is appropriate for a career in Law. I enjoy reading novels about criminals, LLaw and conspiracy theories, which fuel my interest in studying Law further and pursuing a career in this field.

I am also an ambassador for Mind charity, which is a mental health charity. Supporting this charity has brought issues to light for myself as well as for the network, as this organisation, without a doubt, positively affects millions around the UK. I accept that social duty is vital to our values and beliefs. Collaborating with various people who originate from diverse cultures and foundations, further triggers my interest in seeing how and why specific arrangements of Laws have influenced their experiences.

I am bilingual and fluent in a few languages such as English, Bengali, French and Turkish. Knowing different languages and cultures is a beneficial expertise to have in my future career, that I expect to exceed expectations in.

I firmly believe a degree in Law will enable me to build up the aptitudes that are essential to pursue my chosen career in Criminal Justice. I anticipate the test of university, and leaping the subject I discover fascinating. I will be utilising the skills and knowledge I have sharpened in my past experiences, and I am eager to push them further with the help of my lecturers, learning and research through studying this degree.