Criminal justice in America Analysis

Criminal justice is a legislation system that is mostly being used by the American state or the government to control and minimize criminology rates by punishing those who violate the laws that have been put in place by the government. To ensure that the laws are being adhered to, there are agencies that have been put in place to watch over(Walker,2004,p. 234). These are primary agencies which include the police and their main job is to ensure that the law is enforced, then there are law courts and corrections which administers correctional punishment to those who do not adhere to the laws of the country.

When one is has been accused and he has been taken through the system of criminal justice, the government has to maintain its accusations within the given laws that does not violate the rights of an individual. The search for justice for the criminals is just like all forms of fairness. With time the justice for criminals has been taking various forms that do show cultural mores of the different societies (Walker,2004,p. 237). Criminal justice : The system of the criminal justice as seen earlier on has its agencies that have been briefly discussed here under;

Police: The person who offends the law will first come into contact with the police,who are responsible for enforcing the law and also they are given the powers to arrest any person on the wrong side of the law. This law enforcing kind of agency has been given the powers to ensure that there is order in the public(Walker,2004,p. 240). In addition to that, to ensure that this is achieved, the police have been equally distributed all over the country to ensure that everyone is following the right paths of the law. Courts:

These are places where disputes are solved and also a place for administering justice. In an ordinary setting of a court there are several critical players. These players are the judges, attorney defense and the prosecutor. The judges or the magistrates in the court are the people who are responsible in making the final decision concerning the accused. Correction These are the authorities that are concerned with correcting the wrong doers. A person who has been to the court and has pleaded guilty is then send to the correctional department.

The most common form of punishment that is well known world wide is the prison. After the accused persons have pleaded guilty, they will be send to prison which acts as detention centers and sometimes as jail for people who should be contained. Punishment given is usually meant to serve a variety of purposes(Walker,2004,p. 243). They include, preventing the prisoners from committing more crimes and also it serves as a payback time for them. And another new purpose of the prisons is for rehabilitation purposes i. e to rehabilitate them and make them better than they were before.

Many other prisons nowadays do give their prisoners training so that when they get out of prison they can earn a living legitimately using the knowledge acquired. The rights being honored by the criminal justice are the human rights. The court system maintains balance by first making sure that the accused person is completely on the wrong side of the law then prosecution takes place. When all these is happening the court of law ensures that no human right is being violated especially on the accused. Then the two will completely balance at some point. References Walker,M. (2004). Law & Criminal Justice: New York, Harwoth Press.