Criminal justice Summary Justice Definition

Justice by most people is defined as moral rightness and the act administering the deserved punishment or reward to those who have earned it. The simplest is that it is the absence of injustice, fairness and responsibility for one’s actions. We shouldn’t wait for someone to abuse others or property before acting. I feel that everyone should be held accountable for his or her actions. Once a situation has become clear, we need to act to prevent injustice.

We should believe that a judge and jury is the perfect tool to illuminate what is fair in every situation. Because of that we should all obey the laws of society and leave the enforcing of those laws up to our court system Justice has elements of fairness and restitution, and responsibility for one’s actions and protection of the future. Fairness and restitution imply a balance that should be struck between responsibility and damage. If someone has knowingly and willing caused bodily harm to others or has intentionally set fire to business or a residence. If a crime is committed it is not only fair, but also just that the crime is equally paid.

If money is stolen it should be given back in double, the original amount returned and the same amount taken from the thief. Restitution should be sought in the form of money, goods, or services. Justice began as a name of those who dispensed judgment and punishment on those who had done wrong, but the justice corruption across our country is pretty staggering. Not many people know about it because the justice system and the people who run are a very close-knit community. It has become big business to incarcerate as many people as possible to keep the prisons full. We look at America as the “Land of Freedom,” but in actuality, America is far freer than most other places in the world. We have one of the largest prisoner populations in the world.

No one readily imprisons more people than the United States does. It comes down to our politicians we all vote for at election time. The justice system is doing their best job at keeping our citizens and communities safe. We have always put our trust in the justice system in hopes that the innocent aren’t being accused and wrongfully convicted. Justice should be seen as equal—equal punishment for crimes, which have been committed.