Criminal Justice Analysis Paper: Organized Crime

Organized crime from the word ‘Organized” itself means that it is something about systematic arrangement. The term refers to a systematic criminal activity or operation by some groups of people with an objective of fighting for money or power. Gambling is often associated with crime. Since many types of gambling are still illegal, meaning that gambling is carried by criminal in most cases. Gambling may be defined as an act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning by paying some money to win.

It is the voluntary risking of sum money on the outcome of a game or other event. It may include buying instant lottery ticket, playing the online video lottery games, playing cards, dice, or dominoes, playing in casinos, playing slot machines, betting on sporting events, betting on the horses or greyhounds, betting on game of skill (Bowing, pool, golf or arcade games) and others Gambling has existed since ancient times and there is evidence that most cultures supported it in some form or another.

Gambling, an activity associated with organized crime, has become more socially acceptable liberalized by changing government attitudes in an increasing number of territories as the benefits from increased fiscal revenues are realized. Due to associated crime related to gambling, a new gambling act was officially launched in October 2006 in Birmingham to regulate betting and remote gambling (Adam and Gill, 2003). The metropolitan planning control (MPC) argues that the new gambling revenues could be used to boost school funding.

The MPC group proposes corporate and personal tax increases, coupled with exemption and tax credits to protect working families, to ultimately generate about 6. 6 billion a year for schools and property tax relief. The minimum tax imposed on gambling has been suggested by MPC to expand the business and use the tax in performing other functions (Lester, 1979). For many years, gambling has been a controversial issue within many state governments.

To Georgia, The question of the legalization of gambling is not an easy one. The state government has not legalized gambling for many reasons including moral issues and concern about public welfare. Despite the fact that legalizing gambling may bring some economical advantages, the state is only concerned with the welfare of its people, families and friends. To Georgia the life of a compulsive gambler can be destroyed in so many ways.

One a man may lose his job because and might even commit suicide due to a lot of worries about where all the monies have gone. If the gambler losses all of his savings and no longer has a job, he will not be able to provide for his family or himself and this may make him fall deeper into debt with no way out (Mc Gowan, 1994). Another reason why Georgia has not legalized gambling is that a gambler may decide to borrow money to gamble or even pay back gambling debts and at the same time he won’t be able to keep any money to live on.