Criminal Justice Analysis Paper

Each of us is a being in himself and a being in society, each of us needs to understand himself and understand others, take care of others and be taken care of himself. This famous saying of the poet, Haniel Long is a perfect reminder of how much we need to rely on each other in building and maintaining a peaceful, secured and just society. This saying also became my guiding principle during my internship in a police department and when I volunteered my services at the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communication.

The profession related to criminal justice goes beyond investigating and solving social problems related to crime. It involves a dedicated effort in raising public consciousness on crime prevention, fostering peace and security and protecting the lives of the innocents. Early in life, I have always pictured a community where people can enjoy their lives in and out of their homes, walk in dark alleys without any fear for their security, and where families can allow their children to play at the park without any fear that their loved ones may be harmed, abused or kidnapped.

The picture that I had visualized may be a scene from a perfect world or from a society that can only happen in a fictitious story. However, I believe that every individual can contribute their untiring effort to make their community a better place for their families. It is my goal to be a factor in the reduction of crime rate by bringing more offenders to justice while raising public confidence in our judicial system and dedicated police enforcement agencies that are willing to risk lives and limbs to protect citizens from the elements of crime.

Crime prevention and community policing is my passion as I am fully committed to use my knowledge and skills in preserving peace, upholding the equality of law and providing quality service to every citizen in our community. My dream of becoming a police officer will never be realized without an effort to take a degree that will strengthen my knowledge in criminal justice. When I was in the middle school, an officer who was involved in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program shared so many inspiring stories related to his police work experience in the Irvine Police Department (IPD).

It was in those years that I realized the social issues related to drug abuse and the crimes that emanated as a result of drug dependency. The dedicated work of the police officer and his contribution to our society awakened my interest and has shaped me into a person who would like to serve as an officer of the law. This has also led me to take up a bachelor degree in criminal justice and made me decide to be part of the public safety internship in IPD in 2008.

Working at Target for the last eight years as a cashier, customer service representative and photo lab specialist has opened my eyes to the realization that every human lives are at risk in places where one could not imagine that a crime may take place. I have witnessed violations of the law in cases where customers stole items from the store, and where gang members or drug dependents pointed a gun at the cashier and forcibly robbed money from the cashier box. Outside the department store, there were instances where customers lose their vehicles in an open parking area.

There were also reports that women who do their shopping alone became victims to unscrupulous people. Life is too precious to lose. In many instances, I can only wish that I am a police officer so I am authorized to immediately respond to situations where criminal activities are taking place and the lives of innocent victims can be protected. The call to serve my community is too strong to resist and this is my primary reason for taking a Masters degree in Criminal Justice.

Although I was not able to join the police force after college, I continue to keep myself abreast on topics related to criminology, criminal justice and forensic science. At present, I am rendering my volunteer services in Irvine Disaster Emergency Communication (IDEC) where I undergo continuous training to hone my skills and abilities in providing emergency communications to the police department. I also receive training in routine duties that police and fire personnel might be not be able to perform due to prevailing obligations as a result of a catastrophic event.

Being an alumnus of California State University where I obtained my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, I intend to strengthen my knowledge and skills in the same area of specialization by enrolling in the Graduate program. In addition to my exposure in IDEC, I have the leadership ability, determination to reach my goal and exposure in IDEC to work as a police officer in the Irvine Police Department after the completion of my studies.

I want to serve the community where I have spent my life with and intend to make my presence felt during patrol operations while making local businesses and community members aware about their local police officer. Being familiar with the community members and local neighborhood will facilitate trust and ease of communication among those who may be in need of police assistance. In addition, working with the local neighborhood watch groups will reduce crime rate as people will not hesitate to call the local authorities when suspicious looking behavior are spotted.

I also intend to use my knowledge in photography in performing forensic investigation and become an agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the future. There is nothing more rewarding than to be engaged in a profession where I can reap the intrinsic reward of fulfillment in serving my community. Being a police officer is a life long dream that will be fulfilled upon the completion of my Masters degree. With a conscientious effort in making a difference in the lives of others, I am determined to finish my studies and contribute in maintaining peace and order and preventing terrorist activities in our country.