Criminal justice Review Best Example

Use of modern and more sophisticated technology in criminal justice is the most effective method of addressing the modern forms of crime in the society. This is mainly due to the fast changing technology and organization of crime and the need to maintain the highest possible levels of social order for effective for growth and development. James and Donald (2007) points out that over the last decade, the demand for modern and improved techniques in criminal justice organization and administrations has become part of its major quest as the world is directly threatened by the forces of modern consumerism and globalization.

Indeed, aspects such as terrorism have assumed particularistic notion that Osterburg and Ward (2007) describes as a major mirage that keeps shifting from one region to another as justice draws near it. It is in this respect that this paper seeks to evaluate use of technology in the policing and courts systems in ensuring justice for all. Besides, it seeks to establish types of the modern high tech crimes in the society and identify possible gaps in the system to effect justice for all.

Types of high tech criminal activities in the society Interference with lawful use of the computers This crime has been on the increase over the last decade and strongly intensified during the last five years. With modern technology and computer applications being easily accessible to the people at all levels, there has been increased cyber-vandalism and terrorism to different people. To add to that, there has been an increase in malicious code-releasing inform of viruses that are established and inserted in particular websites.

Jeffrey (2007) points out that through virus and warms insertion, companies and government data can very easily be lost. With the present proliferation of globalization; specific virus are being designed to target particular competitors in a given line of competition. Forgery and counterfeiting As indicated earlier, it is clear that availability of computer aided instruments through special software has made it possible to steal major identities from other people’s on-line details and accessing their particular considerations like bank accounts.

According to James and Donald 2007), crime has particularly been used in the music industry where original DVDs and CDs are pirated and taken to the market without the copyright appreciation. It is worth noting that by making counterfeit products and selling them in the market, the government loses the necessary revenue for its activities, the original producer are weakened, and the consumers put at great peril due to low standards. Fraud crime This is possibly one of the most important notions of the modern crime in US which is fast spreading to the rest of the world.

It entails PC intrusion and accessing major information related to credit cards and e-funds which the criminals use to withdraw money from their victims accounts. Besides, it includes catalogue and consumer sales frauds where virtual non-existent products and services are sold to non suspecting buyers. It is also used in on-line security where companies lose vast amounts out of money as genuine buyers pay their money to the criminals unknowingly. Recent technologies used in fighting crime by the police

Jeffrey (2007) points out that the modern high tech crimes have not been easy to counter due to the complicated nature of the crime itself. As a result, most of the technologies have been targeted at the end user to protect the criminal activities from being effected. It is worth noting that security agencies operate in conjunction with the private sector to identify and respond to these high tech criminal activities. Intrusion Security Detection Systems are applied by the security forces to detect possible external invasion by criminals to different systems.

To add to that, these systems have been modified to detect the exact locations and information related to the senders PC particulars. Increasing use of OPIC and OPICNET also help the individuals to block certain types of information coding from getting into their PC. Use of CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) has also been intensified through the local federal agencies. To add to that, Central Repository systems have been assimilated to store data of the criminals and the details of the criminal activities for faster comparison and easier tracing of their activities.

It is worth noting that the security agencies have developed strong data tracking systems that was assimilated after the World Trade Centre in New York was bombed. This system facilitates their ability to get into the information details of the suspected criminals and thereby effectively investigate the alleged crimes (Peak, 2007). Gaps in application of the high tech systems in justice administration Arguably, the modern high tech crime appears to be fast riding ahead of the security agencies ability to establish counter systems.

It is clear that as the law enforcement agencies assimilate new technologies with time, they will demand effective backing with the necessary legislations by the government. This usually takes time and therefore rendering innovation in the security system less effective. Besides, there is reduced capacity in training the security officers in areas of modern technology systems as it requires continuous considerations which take more time therefore providing further impetus for the high tech crime to proliferate (Jeffrey, 2007).

Though its is agreeable that the current equipments being used by the US security agencies for training are high tech in nature, there is greater need for innovation and creativity that do not stagnate the system but upgrade it always. Conclusion Personal views on technology use by courts and law enforcement agencies Following the above discussion, I strongly support the need for better technology application in criminal justice to make the world a better place for all.

It is clear that the modern high tech criminal activities are not just a threat to US alone, but to the whole world at large a notion that makes the need for greater cooperation between the different law enforcement agencies very vital. Indeed, the sharing of information about criminals and crime should be highly encouraged to allow their surveillance in US and outside. The law enforcement agencies should promote greater cooperation especially with the private establishments and the public to compliment the high tech systems application in the country.

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