Criminal investigative

Geographic profiling is a type of criminal investigative methodology that examines and investigates the places where a connected series of crimes has taken place for the purpose of finding out the most probable area the offender resides. Usually this type of criminal investigative methodology is used in cases like serial murder and rape. Not only does it apply to these two, it can also help locate the offender’s residence in incidences like robbery, arson, bombing and a lot more that may fit using this kind of criminal investigative methodology.

Geographic profiling may be an offshoot to Environmental Criminology for a reason that they both concentrate on patterns made by the offender which are bounded within a certain environment. They also try to evaluate the influence and bearing of the external variables on the people’s cognitive behavior. Geographic profiling, an innovative type of criminal investigation methodology has a potential to be a standard technique in mapping offenders from various crimes.

This has become a valuable investigation tool because by just analyzing the offender’s certain activity patterns we can now construct a most apparent residing area and center of activity of an offender—which in majority is most likely to be the offender’s residence. Relating to psychological profiling which is finding “who”, then geographic profiling is finding “where”. Back then, Geographic Profiling was designed for investigations of violent crimes.

Now, it has been a useful investigative tool to a number of criminal cases like property cases and others. It is also significant to point out that Geographic profiling does not directly solve the criminal case, but rather it tries to locate where the offender resides so as to become a lead and speed up the resolution of the case. p. s. I do not have any experience with this method.