Criminal Investigations Summary

Notable theft incidences for me are those that involved very fast techniques that would only take the thief some minutes to go about his goal. However, when I came across this article on the internet, I was quite impressed that the thief is an employee stealing from a Best Buy store where he works. His case was quite different for me because he has been stealing from the store for almost three weeks. His stealing was going smooth until store officials discovered that more than $10,000 worth of electronic merchandise is missing (Private Officer Network, 2008).

The thief, Gary Brown Jr. , admitted that he sneaked the items after unloading them from the trucks. He would put the products in an empty box which was then thrown into a spacious trash compactor. The compactor was a very safe place to hide the boxes because it cannot be caught by the security camera. He then climbs in the compactor when it gets full in order to collapse the boxes. He leaves with the items hidden in his pocket.

Although the culprit was arrested I still find his technique ingenious because he has already sold and made money out of the gadgets he has stolen. I also think three weeks is a long time for a person to continually steal products from an establishment with security protocols and auditing processes. Security footages in the unloading area were also watched in order to analyze the thief’s activity. Although the compactor wasn’t caught by the camera, Brown was seen doing suspicious acts during the three weeks he was stealing.

But still, there are no exact evidences to prove how he really did the crime. This is not an isolated case; many theft cases are documented occurring in stores all over the country. It is easy for employees to steal products especially if they are aware of the store’s security procedures and if they are really careful about it. Brown’s stealing is very successful during its first phase but he got into trouble when the number of missing products increased.

The basic idea about Brown’s technique is terrific; however, he should’ve kept it on a low after some days of stealing so it wouldn’t be too obvious that many products were missing. Reference: Private Officer Network. (2008). Best Buy employee charged with theft over $10,000. Retrieved on January 28, 2009, from http://privateofficernews. wordpress. com/2008/12/28/best-buy-employee-charged-with-theft-over-10000-wwwprivateofficercom/