Criminal Investigation Unit VII message board Reply to Matthew Cook

Regarding the scenario that you shared, I agree with you that it is indeed a very ingenious theft technique, considering that the gas issues were really very timely. With gas prices soaring, its not surprising to see people scheming just to get it for free from gas stations. I think that the success of that scheme is that it was well organized, with the people involved knowing what to do, and they also had the access to the gas pump key, and it really helped them fulfill the crime.

They were able to get hold of something that could really helped them, and they used it for their advantage. It’s like stealing the key to a safe first before actually stealing its contents. The topic about stealing gas interested me so I browsed through the internet for related topics in other countries, and I found one from the Philippines. Theirs I guess is more ingenious, as it involved stealing gas not from a gas station but from a cargo truck owned by a former police general (Alquitran, 2008).

What the culprits did is to siphon the gas from the truck and transferred it into a container in another. The crime would have been perfect if only they weren’t spotted by police officers in the act of doing the crime. Talk about ingenious there. Reference: Alquitran, N. (2008). Cop, 4 others nabbed for stealing gas from cargo truck Retrieved January 29, 2008, from http://www. philstar. com/Article. aspx? articleid=81350