Criminal Investigation Unit IV Discussion Board Questions

It can be said that each and every individual in the society portrays a significant role in protecting the community against any disturbances and aggressions, more especially with that of fighting the rise of social crimes. Thus, the mind-set of every person to be brave and work together with authorities in battling misdemeanors is one of the most effective ways to resolve crimes easily and to render the appropriate justice for the victims of such offensive actions.

In fact, there have been various crimes and misdemeanors that have been resolved easily through the help and cooperation of concerned civilians which are better as informants. This people often serve as the source of information for the authorities prior to the actual entrapment operation of resolving the crime.

In one of the reports written in New York Daily News, the significance of an informant in discovering and resolving crime is commended by the authorities wherein through the information given by the informant police officers have discovered about the remains of “John Favara” who is murdered and dumped into a barrel of acid. Though the police officers have never recovered the dead body of the victim, the suspect has still fallen into the hands of the local authorities and faces the proceedings of the court for the crime he has committed.

Indeed, the informant has played a significant role in this specific case of crime for without the information given to the police operatives, the murderer or the suspect may possibly just escaped from the crime he has committed and the left the family of the victim without the justice they deserve (Marzulli, 2009). Nonetheless, it can also be said that the most probable reason of the informant to decide and work together with the police officers in resolving this crime is to help the family of the victim and let the suspect suffer his consequences by facing his liabilities to the law.

In the end, with the above written facts and information about the significance of informants in resolving crimes, it can be said that informants true identity must remain unanimous and unpublicized due to the fact that this could put the personal safety of that person at risk and only render the other suspects who are still at large with the vital information to go after the person who have revealed their misdemeanors. Nonetheless, given the same opportunity and information as with that of the typical informants, I would not think twice to help and cooperate in resolving crimes by working hand in hand with police authorities.

The only concern is that authorities and local government agencies must ensure my safety and the security of my family, and that my identities are not to be revealed in public. Reference Marzulli J. (2009). Informant says John Gotti Sr. ‘s neighbor, John Favara, was killed; dumped in barrel of acid. Retrieved January 9, 2009, from http://www. nydailynews. com/news/ny_crime/2009/01/07/2009-01-07_informant_says_john_gotti_srs_neighbor_j. html