Criminal Investigation Discussion Boeard Vresponse to Hurtado

I agree that going undercover is an intriguing job because it is not a typical day job where the employee just sits all day in front of a computer. There is a lot of critical thinking and role-playing involved while making sure that the person does not blow his or her cover. I disagree, however, that working as an undercover would be as difficult, especially if the person undergoes necessary training and experience.

I believe that everything can be learned but people have different degrees of acquiring the skills taught to them; some people may take only several months while others may take years to master the art of something, in this case, becoming an undercover. It is true that being an undercover will be worth it because the person becomes involved with the case he or she is working on.

I also agree that the downside of this kind of work is that the person has to lie to the people close to him or her so that he or she may protect them. However, they may come a time when the person can tell his or her family what kind of work he or she does so that he or she does not have to lie to them anymore and that they may understand why the person does not have much time to spend.

Indeed, there are a lot of things that a person needs to know before working as an undercover. Without these, there is a great chance that the operation will fail, the case would not be solved, and the criminals would have the opportunity to get away. It is very important for an undercover to be very prepared before entering a situation because not only the plan might fail but he or she might get him or herself killed in the process.