Criminal investigation Essay Example

I am highly interested in applying for the criminal investigation internal revenue special agent position in the Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Specifically, I found the details regarding the job opening listed under the law enforcement careers available from the official website of the IRS. As for my educational background, I am definitely knowledgeable in both criminal justice and accounting which were the majors that I took during college.

In this sense, given that a background in accounting is highly preferred for applicants for this position, I am then qualified for I also have in-depth knowledge regarding criminal justice which will definitely be of use for the position. Aside from being qualified in terms of my educational background, my personal traits serve to my advantage as well. In addition to being tenacious, I am also adept in using computers, and I am characterized by having both superior attention to detail and good interpersonal skills.

I believe that if accepted for the position, I will definitely be an asset to the IRS. If given the position, I will certainly do the best that I can as a criminal investigation internal revenue special agent for the IRS and further improve my capabilities through experience. In a week’s time, I will follow up my application through phone, to determine whether I have been initially assessed and considered to be qualified. I really look forward to having an interview if given the opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration, [SIGNATURE] [NAME]