Crimes of Violence against Women

The essay shall aim to tackle each of the areas above in an objective and coherent manner, then it will be possible to glean an understanding of violence towards women and in turn theorize and come to a coherent conclusion. Let us now address the first area of the essay shown above, this being types of violence experienced and the areas of life in which they are experienced. Firstly we must acknowledge the fact that it is not only women that experience acts of violent crime but that violent crime encompasses all people from all walks of life, from the very young to the aged, colour and creed, male and female.

However for the purpose of this essay we are concentrating mainly on violent crimes concerning women. Obviously a large part of violent crime towards women is based in domestic surroundings, but what do we know of this? What percentage of the female population that experience acts of violence in domestic surroundings actually report these acts to the police so that something may be done about it, and also that we can use the evidence to find out more about such acts and why there are committed. Below is a little bit of history concerning domestic violence towards women and what was initially done to combat it.

It appears that domestic violence was discovered around about the early 1970's1, but this was not the only type of violence discovered in the home. Other types included sexual abuse and physical abuse of children and 'marital rape. ' For most people this type of violence in the home was difficult to come to terms with and this is why for the most part the public would try to deny it, as well as the family, so as to present a false image of the idyllic family portrait. However, with more and more people coming forward to show that they had been victims of domestic crime others followed.

Perhaps another reason for why women are seen to be the main victims of violent crime is because that they are often seen to be the weaker of the two sexes. Although I do not wish to come across sexist this fact has to be accepted. Females are not a weaker sex mentally but physically men are a much more opposing sex. Going back to domestic violence using a text from Dobash and Dobash (Changing Violent Men, Sage Publications, 2000) it is suggested that this particular type of violence is 'asymmetrical. I. e. that it is directed from the male partner in the relationship towards the female.

The text goes on to mention the fact that it is not only women that are on the receiving end of violent actions but in a minority of cases that men are abused as well. However it beyond question that 'the overall pattern of intimate violence is dominated by men as abusers and by women as the abused. ' 2 Apart from this fact the text also mentions that a majority of cases where the male partner in the relationship is abused there is a history of the male partner having abused the female of the relationship. So aside from domestic violent acts towards women, in what other areas of life can we see similar acts of violence?

Even though some forms of violence may not be specifically directed towards women it would be interesting to see a percentage of incidents of a particular type of violent act between males and females. For example in cases concerning muggings it would be interesting to note what percentage of muggings are acts directed towards members of the female sex and what percentage of them would be directed towards males. This again goes back to a point made earlier about women being a more viable victim, because they appear weaker.