Crime and Violent Criminal Tendencies

If research were to significantly indicate that the tendency to commit crime is inherited, what should be done about or for the children of violent criminals? If research proved criminal behavior to be inherited, certain precautions should be considered. People who know that they have a gene that can potentially damage their child should consider other means of having children. Just like an inherited illness responsible people will be cautious when considering having children. I believe that children of violent criminals should be given every opportunity to keep the gene dormant.

Counseling should be offered to help children cope with this condition, as well as to offer them support to deal with having a parent with violent criminal tendencies. Many children are led to criminal activity because of the lack of a stable household, so having a parent who has committed a violent crime will lead to an unstable household. What programs should society implement and why?

Courts should make counseling mandatory for the children of parents who commit violent crimes. Psychological evaluations should be a mandate for children. Anger management can help children cope with a missing parent; giving positive reinforcement to children who don’t display the criminal activity. Children should have a mentoring program to help assist them during the incarceration of a parent. If medication is proved to control the inherited criminal behavior, then a child should be given the opportunity to take the medication. What would be the social, policy, and ethical implications?

Public health and medical services should be consistent with the factors the child is experiencing; affording them the appropriate services. Children should not be isolated because of a genetic predisposition; there should be specific considerations for children predisposed to violent behavior. Support for prevention, early intervention, behavior management and conflict resolution should be implemented.