Crime Victimization

Crime victimization is something that is known national wide and is spreading throughout the entire world every second that goes by. Criminologists viewed crime victims as merely the passive targets of a criminal’s anger greed, or frustration. Sometimes it’s said that they was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Victims play two roles that were found to influence criminal behavior. Those roles are an active role which pretty much means a victim provokes an attacker.

The other role is an indirect role which means they were engaging in risking behavior. But what factors put people at risk for victimization and what measures can they take to better protect themselves from crime? The first face that puts people at risk for victimization is living in high-crime areas. Today everywhere you go you’re going to have those special areas in the community that’s considered a high-crime area. People often settle for this area because it’s cheap rent and they figure nothing will happen to them anyway.

When it comes to protecting yourself in a high-crime area you really have to watch your back 24/7. You need to be will acquainted with your neighbors and really pay attention to the activity that goes on around your community and house. Either you can choose to do all of the above or you could stop being cheap and move out into a gated community that’s under watch all day and night. The second factor that puts people at risk for victimization is going out late. Most crimes happen at night and your more victimize at night.

When people go out at night they either go to the club or bar and people are drinking and not really paying attention to what they are doing and saying. Which drinking happens to also be a factor that put people at risk for victimization. Another major factor that puts people at risk for victimization is the lack of friend and/or family to watch out for them. Today we all walk around watching our backs weather you know it or not. Friends are watching each other backs in school because people are being weapons into the school house hurting others.

But weapons aren’t the only thing going on; you also have client crime and robbery. Males have a higher risk of the violent crime and robbery but females have a much higher risk of sexual assault or rape. Teen and young adults 25 and younger are at the most risk for violent crimes. Most violent crimes are committed by friends or acquaintances rather than by strangers. So with all of this going on how do we protect ourselves better from crime. Basically the answer is simple but hard to do. As far as your living situation you need to study a place before moving into it.

People need to stop looking for the cheap way out and really think about what they are doing and getting themselves into. All the clubbing and bar hopping can stop. You don’t have to go out late night to have a good time; you can go early and leave before the wrong crowd comes in. Watch you’re drinking and keep it to a level that you’re still aware of what’s going on around you. You have to want to protect yourself better from crime because at the end of the day if you want to you will find a way.