Crime Script

I work at a local restaurant as a cashier and as a waitress sometimes. This means I have easy access to the cash registrar and the money. My shift is usually during the opening and the closing of the restaurant, during the times when business is slow. The restaurant is small, and the staff only works two at a time. There are no security cameras, since the location of the restaurant is in a friendly suburb. The manager of the store comes in three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during lunch time, when business is at its peak.

I can easily get money while I’m doing my job as the cashier, but that would make me the primary suspect. The best way to get the money and not be considered as a suspect is if I will be seen as the victim, instead of the offender. I can ask the help of two or three of my close friends to act as robbers and then instruct them on how to make it look as if I was victimized. The staff working with me must also be clearly victimized, and he/she should see that I am helpless in the situation so he will not suspect me.

The time of the staged robbery should take place during the times when business is low, either during the opening or the closing. The opening would provide better opportunities since during the night; a lot of people are out on the streets and might report a robbery, if they happen to pass by the restaurant.

That would put my friends at risk, and also me. The staged robbery should also take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays to ensure that the manager will not drop by. This is a good opportunity, given the lax security and the routines of the people involved are all being followed every time.