Crime scene Essay Example

By this time, given all the data the investigators should have collected by now, they should already have a list of people to interrogate. Interrogations will reveal more of the girl and the case. They could determine the last whereabouts of the girl and more people she would have been in contact with. Note that we still have not found the primary crime scene. Given the fact that she was wrapped, put in a car trunk, transported and then buried, Ashbourne forest is not where she was killed. She died somewhere else and we have yet to find that place.

Her last known whereabouts could be the primary crime scene, or could at least provide a more concrete link to the primary crime scene. Finding that place would eventually turn up more evidence all leading closer to her real killer. Case #2 In a case such as this where there is a lot of blood scattered all over the room, the investigators and everyone else who would go in the room should be careful not to touch, step on, move, or in any way alter the pattern of the blood stains in the room.

A good and imaginative investigator could already recreate a possible scenario of the murderous events that transpired in that room. Again, before proceeding to collecting and moving anything, the preliminary precautions and documentations need to be completed first. Since there is a lot of blood evidence in this room, the investigators need to collect blood samples from every set of blood stains and spatters all over the room. Not because there is a dead body inside a bloody room does it always mean that all that blood came from that dead body.

Finding stray blood in such a case can be very instrumental in finding a possible accomplice, killer, witness, or another victim. Blood spatter can tell a lot of things about how a murder transpired. Its shape and the way is scatters can give the investigators an idea as to what type of murder weapon was used and how it was used in the crime. In this case, most of the blood was concentrated on the bed. But there also were blood spatters on the wall originating from the pillow area.

From these stains and spatters alone, even without seeing the corpse, investigators could already conclude that the victim was hit in the head hard enough by something to cause him to bleed so much and cause his blood to create high velocity spatters on the wall while he was sleeping or at least lying down in bed. It could be assumed that the body may have died right there at the bed after it was attacked. However, the dead body was found not in the bed but rather in the bathroom. There also were round blood drops originating from the bed leading towards the bathroom and the body in it.

Let us assume for this case that all that blood had been confirmed to be the victim’s. Those round drops indicate that they are passive gravitational blood drops. The blood was not thrown, squirted, or smeared by any other force of acceleration. These are drops that merely fell or dropped to the ground as it was pulled by gravity. This indicates that the blood dropped from the bleeding body as it slowly moved from the bed going to the bathroom. There are two ways that the body could have gone from the bed to the bathroom.

First, it could have been carried by somebody, most probably the killer, from the bed to the bathroom. However, the body was sprawled on the floor of the bathroom. One reason for moving a dead body would be to hide it. Why would the killer want to carry the dead body from the bed and leave it the way it was in the bathroom? It would only serve to incriminate him more in his crime because it would only get more traces of his victim on him and vice-versa thus making a stronger link between them that the investigators will eventually find.