Crime rates in Illinois

Crime rates in Illinois is not that high in comparison with other states. In fact, Illinois is at the 20th rank of the most dangerous states in America. Most of the crimes committed were simple assault and aggravated assault or battery. Domestic violence, offenders and defenders were related either by blood or by relationship, were also reported. Most domestic violence were between husbands and wives or exes and between boyfriends and girlfriends. School personnel were also victims of crime especially assault which was committed during schooldays.

Crime rates on hate crime are also included. hate crimes were mostly anti-racial, anti-black. It was either in a form of vandalism or intimidation. Police officers became victims too of different crimes. 2 Illinois Crime Report Crime in Illinois is lower than most states. According to the survey, Illinois ranked 21st in 2007 of the most dangerous state and 19th place last 2006. Categories in ranking the states are based on crime reports on murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle robbery (The 2007 Most Dangerous State).

In Illinois, violent crimes commited are mostly aggravated assault, battery, attempted murder or ritual mutilation and the least is muder. As to crimes commited to property, the most frequent is theft and the least is arson (Crime Trends 2006). As to the aggravated assult, aggravated robbery, attempted murder and ritual mutilation, it had decreased by 10. 6 percent in 2006 as compared to 2002. On the other hand, robbery also decreases by 6. 0 percent; decrease of 8. 0 percent for criminal sexual assault and decrease of 18. 8 percent for murder. Crimes concerning domestic and children are supplemental data provided by the state.

Domestic violence is defined as crime commited by a family member or  former family member. As of 2002, the total domestic violence reported totaled to 130,215. It had increased by 30 percent from 1996 to 2002. Forty percent of the crimes were committed by spouse, common-law spouse and ex-spouse; and 33 percent were between caregiver, grandparents and child. On the non-family related domestic crimes, most of the crimes were between boyfriends and girlfriends having 67 percent of the total crime committed, and seven percent were committed between victim and offender who has child together.

Urban counties had the most percentage of domestic crimes committed. Cook County had the most number of reported domestic crimes with 68 percent of the total domestic violence in the entire state. Among the rural counties, DuPage and McHenry accounted for the decrease of domestic violence from 1996 to 2002. However, Lake County experience the most increase from 1996 to 2002 (Just the Facts... 2007). In 2005 and in 2006, the top three domestic crimes commited are as follows: simple assault or battery with 82,907 (2005) and 81,886 (2006) number of cases; next, is aggravated assault or battery with 6,110 (2005) and 6,127 (2006) number of cases; finally, disorderly 4 conduct with 5,990 (2005) and 5,713 (2006) (Supplemental Data 2006).

Domestic crimes can be inflicted by a family member or domestic member. It is mandated by Chapter 20 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes 2630/5. 1 (Supplemental Data 2006). Marital conflict has the highest percentage. Of the other relationship, it was with between grilfriend and boyfriend.