Crime rates around the world

Crime rates around the world are always increasing. The police and the legislature are still in the process of finding the most efficient and effective crime deterrence method. Crimes are perpetrated unceasingly everyday that the always high number of victims comes often as a shock to our consciousness. Without a police force to prevent or lessen the happening of these crimes, our social order will be a society of chaos and dissension. To be a police officer is to serve with dignity, integrity and honor.

For years, I have been dreaming of becoming one; a police officer who upholds the law at all times and commands respect from my constituents. The life of a police officer is not easy and always in peril; it faces danger almost every time whenever he/she is in pursuit of a criminal or helps a person in need of protection from the scourges of the society. Yet, this kind of life appeals to me because of the fact that every time a police officer overcomes the hazards of doing his/her duty, the realization comes that the whole community could rest peacefully at night or be at ease during the day without fear from the activities of bad elements.

The primordial role of a police officer is to serve. And service, in my opinion, is the supreme act of a civilized and upright community; thus, being a police officer means that I am entrusted with the role of enforcing the law and maintaining a peaceful and just community. In keeping with these honorable duties and roles, I would like to be an instrument towards the realization of a society of upright men and women.