Crime prevention agencies

The overall crime rate in many parts of the world has reached an alarming status during the past few decades. In effect, this situation placed greater responsibility upon law enforcement and crime prevention agencies. The challenge for these agencies in these modern times is to suppress crime and lawlessness, maintain law and order in a society filled with violence, and make our communities safer. The axiom in medicine that states “prevention is better than cure” also applies to the field law of law enforcement.

It is indeed better to prevent crimes rather than endlessly pursue criminals and bring them to justice. For this cause, many crime prevention strategies have been developed and used by proper authorities during the recent years. While these crime prevention methods are used by police and government agents as part of their duty and mandate, laymen and ordinary citizens also have the liberty to use these anti-crime strategies as well. They can use these strategies to defend themselves, protect family or property, and secure for themselves a lifestyle free from fear of crime.

The application of crime prevention strategies, by law enforcement agencies and the general public itself, can help improve the quality of life in society, prosper business, and contribute to overall economic growth. Crime prevention improves society’s quality of life because it frees people from fear. Fear can have devastating effects on society. It causes panic, and when people lose their sense, their happiness in life is directly threatened. For example, during the September 11 terrorist attacks, the gruesome crime performed by the fundamentalist Islamic perpetrators sent shockwaves of fear throughout America.