Crime Prevention US

Crime has been one of the most rapidly used words in the current world of information. The word itself is capable enough to give a whole lot of meaning but giving it a technical definition is one of the toughest jobs. But despite all sorts of technical and non technical problems, a proper wholesome definition of the same is very much urgent so that this phenomenon can be made understood at every stage of a human life.

The crime and its implications has to be made understood to each and every citizen of the nation right from the stage he or she starts getting the feel of the society and things that have been associated with it. The most important philosophy around which the whole act of crime and crime prevention hovers is that this crime is very much a manmade enigma and the perpetrators or the criminals are not born, they are developed in this society and later become a bane to the same society from where it has been developed.

In other words it can be understood that crime is very much a human act and if we take out the civilization clause from the dictionary of human society and make it equivalent to the savagery, this crime is not exactly something which can be termed inhumane. It’s something present in very nature of humans and they technically possess every characteristic of an animal. The only difference between the animals and the humans is that of the evolution of knowledge and wisdom among the humans and the feeling of being a part of the group which has been technically named as society.

Crime: Law based definition and prevention A crime is an act that violates every consideration that defines the civilized human society. The considerations include everything that is political, religious, or moral and hence protect the interests of state or nation and the welfare of it subjects or citizens. The act of a crime requires the possession of three elements by a criminal. These elements are desire, ability and opportunity. Elimination of any one of these elements will result in greater control of the occurrence of crime.

The implementation of law and establishing the law enforcing agencies can only take care of the third element i. e. opportunity. These techniques have no control over first two elements. Theoretically speaking it’s up to the criminal or the person to take control of the elements which hovers around desire and ability. The law based crime prevention techniques depend on the sue of instinct, common sense, and action and the responsibility of reducing the opportunity lies with the common human being who can be a possible target and a potential victim of the act of crime.

The law requires involvement of each and every section of the society to make an effective end to this problem. This law based approach has been detrimental to the occurrence of crime but still has not been effective enough to eliminate this social scourge. The elimination of crime through opportunity theory is based on the concept of stopping the criminal element from committing something that will impede the cumulative social happiness and growth of the civilization.

But it doesn’t deal with something that will stop the very creation of a criminal. It has miserably failed in diminishing the occurrence of criminal thought process and boosting the positive energy as well as the respect for the human civilization and the processes that have caused the development of it. Crime: Analyzing problem and their solution in the 21st century We have already discussed that there are basically three different elements i. e. , desire, ability and opportunity that can be the reason for the occurrence of a crime.

Though most of the approaches that have been made to prevent the very occurrence of this social menace have centered on reducing the opportunity but the current requirement is to look into the other two aspects which is non materialistic in nature and requires human to human interaction and positive upbringing processes. The need for this new approach is very much due to the marginal success of the forceful crime curbing policy. The untouched part of human nature has to be unraveled so that the animal characteristic present in the humans can be smoothly taken out or be diminished to the level that is all the way very much harmless.

The human nature on analysis has been found to be at war. In pre-historic period it was fighting against nature, its rigorous condition and other associated difficulties. After getting into some civilization, it had to face a number of challenges that began with the very existence of civilization and the responsibilities that came up with it. Later clash of civilizations created urgent war like situation and a threat of destruction compelled the growth loving humans to prepare for future war in the name of defense.

All these problems began with individual to the level of society and later to the national level. But this human nature has always been a mix of some animal like feature and this remained the same not only during war like situation but also in the post war period. The crime or the act of criminal is very much the negative evolution of that animal instinct. The same old natural forces are still operating and showing all sorts of changes and behavior characteristics and have been the reason behind every single occurrence of crime and its wave.