Crime – Police Essay

Know the different perspectives of justice 1)crime control perspective 2)rehabilitation perspective 3)due process perspective 4)non-intervention perspective 5)justice perspective How is crime measured?

(UCR) uniform crime report Can you calculate the crime rate if given the numbers (you need to know the formula) #crime/total popX100,000 UCR pros and cons PRO: paper trail; CON only 50% crime reported Index Crimes list and defined Part 1 (criminal homicide) Part 2 unofficial from NCVS NCVS pros and cons PRO: capture unreported crimes CON: no paper trail Self-reporting pros and cons: PRO: unsigned crime report; Con: subject not identified Bill of rights: What are the key issues of the following Amendments?

1freedom of 4search/seisurze5legal proceedings6crim process in fed court8excess bail/punishment14due process Legal definition of crime as defined in class (there are 6 elements)CON: natural law, criminal intent, RCW, statutory law, common law, Constitutional law What is homeland security and where do the laws around terrorism come from? Fed. agency; multi-agency joint ventures What is cyber crime? ID theft, crimes commit using computer How do we control cyber crime? Develop techno skill= to suspects Where do we get our belief system?

Mass media (newspaper, tv, web: religion, peers) Know all the info discussed in class from the ? sheet paper to include, but not limited to: Explain SRA and why was it important to the state of Washington? Can you do the math? Given a sentencing scenario calculate the sentence? (Concurrent vs. Consecutive sentencing) Explain the elements of the Balanced Approach and how Determinism and Free Will play a role. (It is a triangle. ) skill training, comm. Safety, R act Who is the fastest growing inmate population? Black populations What are the three levels of sex offender registration in Washington State?

(1)level 1:unlikely to reoffend (level 2):medium likely to reoffend (level 3) mostly likely to reoffend Why don’t DV victims leave? Should They? Why? Why not? Fear of imminent threat to life; financial dependency, brain-washed Know the nature of police work. What are some of the specific jobs police officers can do. IE: patrol, detective, etc. How did the 4th Amendment impact police work? Search & seizure Police Powers include the powers to investigate and arrest. What are the three things a police officer needs to have to have a valid search warrant as stated in the 4th Amendment?

Who, what, where What are some examples stated in class that of warrantless searches (Times a police officer may search without a search warrant. )? open field What is the Exclusionary rule? What court case brought it to the Federal Level? Federal felony charges i. e. money laundering What court case brought it to the state level? UCR index part 1 crimes Explain some of the exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule to include: exigency/public safety doctrine, inevitable discovery, good faith exception Inevitable discovery (Nix v. Williams): Purged taint (Wong Sun v. US): Arial Surveillance:

What is bail? $ pay to be released until trail date What amendment allows us to not have excessive bail? 8th Amendment What are some of the biases etc. involved in the bail industry? Bail Bond Agent What are some of the types of pre-trail releases? Community work, job-training What are some of the pre-trial motions? Explain them. Set proceedings of the trail KNOW THE COURTS FOR WASHINGTON STATE AS WELL AS THE FEDERAL SYSTEM, THEIR JURISDICTION (define each), AND DIRECTION OF APPEALS—(hint: Triangle) …………study from in-class note Explain what happens in the nine stages of a trial.

P-D open statements, P prove evidences, D cross-examine, D show evidences, P cross-examine, D closing arguments, P closing arguments, judge’s instructions to jurors Explain the duties and some of the nuances of different court personnel. (Judge, prosecuting attorney, District Attorney, defense attorney, contract system, Assigned counsel, Public Defender, medical examiner, lay witness, coroner, expert witness, court clerk, court administrator, etc. ) Given the following cases determine their appropriate relevance.

Weeks v. U. S. Nix v. Williams ; Hendrix v. Kansas Powell v. Alabama Wing Sun v. U. S. Gregg V. Georgia Furman V. Georgia Coker V. Georgia Escobedo v. Illinois Terry v. Ohio Miranda v. Arizona Mapp v. Ohio What is the jury process? Selecting potential jurors How is it conducted? Random select Who are the participants? Registered voters What are the pros and cons of educating inmates?

What are the three characteristics of people on death row that are disproportionate to their place in society and in the criminal justice system? What is the difference between indeterminate sentencing without release date determinant sentencing? With release date What is a Pre sentence investigation? Sentence grid Who administers it for the state of Washington? Law clerks Difference between Prison felony charges jail less than a year and a day probation conditional release parole: earned good time without supervision.