Crime – Police Paper Example

The Criminal Justice system was made to be fair to all, but throughout the years the Criminal Justice System has changed in my eyes. I do not agree that the Criminal Justice System is now fair to all minorities; gender and socioeconomic class. I feel it unfairly targets people of color, as well as people who do not come from much wealth, it is also inconsiderate to gender as well as men who are sentenced to longer prison terms than women for the same crimes. No I do not think the criminal justice system is fair to all minorities, although it is not directly prejudice against people of color or people who are poorer.

However the law enforcement agency discriminate against people of color that is known as minorities who are more likely to commit more crimes. The criminal justice system is based on our history and works for all people. Although it appears to not punish certain people in certain cases. The law often seems unfair and biased to some. I feel as though the law looks at a person differently if they have a higher education other than a high school diploma verses someone who has dropped out of high school. If a person who from comes a background of wealth can and will most likely to buy their way out of a situation, meaning they can afford a really good attorney to help build and fight their case that could prevent them from going to jail.

Where on the other hand a person who comes from a poor background would have to settle with a district attorney that is appointed to them who can possibly care less what happen to them and just offer what the D. A wants to give them. It is no coincidence that an overwhelming majority of the nation’s inmate population comes from lower socioeconomic status communities. Police treatment of poor people differs greatly from the treatment given to people with a higher socioeconomic status.

In the criminal justice system people from the lower class are more likely to be incarcerated, charged, convicted, sentenced to prison, and given longer prison terms, than people from the white collar and elite class. But we should also consider, Gay, transgender, gender nonconforming youth are significantly over-represented in the juvenile criminal justice system, approximately 300,000 gay and transgender youth are arrested and or detained each year, of which more than 60 percent are black or Latino.

These high rates of involvement in the juvenile justice system are a result of gay and transgender youth are being abandon by their families and communities, and are being victimize in their schools. Situations like this that place this group of young people area at high risk of entering the school-prison-pipeline. Despite the excessive high rates of gay and transgender youth entering the juvenile justice system, our nation’s schools, law enforcement officers, district attorneys, judges, and juvenile defenders are not qualify to manage the unique experiences and challenges that these young people face.

As a consequence, the system often does more harm by unfairly criminalizing these youth, imposing harsh school sanctions, labeling them as sex offenders, or detaining them for minor offenses. In addition to subjecting them to discriminatory and harmful treatment that deprives them of their basic civil rights. In the end the goal behind legal enforcement is to protect individuals and communities as a whole, matter how we look at things, nothing in this world would be looked at fairly and neither would the criminal justice system. Though the criminal justice system was build for everyone to be treated equally and we are not all treated the same.