Crime in New York City

Knowledge about crime trends in a country compared to others is often difficult to deal with. Several measures have been implemented in various countries, states, cities and counties in order to address the issue of criminal activities. Introduction of control policies has been one of the strategies that have been used by governments and the criminal justice system to reduce the rate of crime in the various regions. In New York City, the trend of criminal activity has been generally declining due to the policies and other measures that were implemented to curb crime.

In 1980s, the crime rate was high in New York City but there was a decline in the 1990s due to intensified law enforcement actions as well as an increase in the number of judges addressing cases of felony. Policies such as broken windows policing, CompStat, misdemeanor policing, and order maintenance policing contributed to a decline in crime, increase in security and increase in the number of inmates. Demographic and economic changes also explain the decline . Decline in Crime in New York City

In the 1980s, criminal activity spiked in New York City it was hit by a crack epidemic that peaked in 1990. Since 1990 to the present, statistics on crime indicate that the rate of crime in New York City has declined to the present under the leadership of various mayors. Between 1980 and 1990, the rate of violent crime in New York City is noted to have increased by 22. 7%. However, efforts were intensified in the city in the 1980 through intensification of law enforcement actions and increase in the number of judges dealing with felony cases.

For instance, in 1981, the number of judges available to deal with felony cases in New York City was increased by 30% by the Office of Court Administration. The virtual epidemic during this time was crack cocaine available in various streets in the country to include the New York City thus the New York City Police Department decided to introduce the Tactical Narcotics Teams (TNT) in order to reduce the quantity of narcotics being trafficked in New York City streets. This led to rampant increase in the number of drug criminals being arrested in the city as shown in the table below (Silver & Farrell, 1998).