Crime investigation Research Paper

With the development of technology, the people being served by the CJS actually becomes even more diverse as the years pass. Hence, people making up the said system actually need to extend their knowledge with regards the culture of the other nationalities living within their premises. Hence, this would involve massive consideration of the different aspects of behavior that confronts the law enforcers in dealing with different possible crime-based issues that may question their existence within a certain community.

This situation indeed raises a huge challenge for the enforcers of the CJS as they are naturally held responsible in handling social conflicts that could be addressed by the growing number of diverse communities making up the entire population of the earth. Information technology could barely help in this particular process of advancement within the CJS. Most likely, as it has been noted, people are known for their unending want of exploring the worlds aside from their own.

And because of globalization, the possibility of highly multicultural systems exploding in at least 15 years from now is a huge picture of challenge for the personnel making up the CJS of the said future setting. Hence, application of ample education on the said developments would help well, as well as the application of keen observation as per advised by the educators handling such courses on criminal justice.

(B) Technology The undying innovative progress of the technology today certainly raises the greatest possibilities of making the procedural activities of the CJS more accurate and efficient in many terms. At some point, the development of robotics as a primary skip towards the futuristic style of crime investigation actually attracts the attention of the many technological researchers today.

Moreover, they are particularly interested in making the computer-based system effective and more efficient than that of primarily depending on the human force making up the CJS groups around the world today. It is through the development of these robotic systems that the improvement of innovative investigation procedures could pursue in development. The programmed system with which the said robotics would work with shall actually make it possible for human investigators to improve the way that they are analyzing how several crimes happened based on digital data.

True, the process may be complex that it may require massive training on the part of those individuals who are to make great use of the system to be proposed through the utilization of the ingenious presentation of robotics within the process. However, with ample care and determination of the people to be involved in the developmental progress, the procedure of actually inculcating robot-based programs for investigation within the process is highly recommended for application in within the next fifteen years in the future.