Crime Increase in Ecuador

As we know our country is suffering an increase in crimes that Ecuadorian society has never experienced. An example of what I mentioned is that in the last weeks there were thirteen violent crimes in Guayaquil. One of them was the case of the sports journalist’s son, Rómulo Barcos. The most known cases of crimes are killings and “secuestro express” representing 11% of the crimes committed. Also, the different medias show several robberies by scopolamine, robberies of banks, attacks on gas stations and so on. It is a fact that any Ecuadorian is free of having a family member or friend who has not been affected by crime. Facing with this grave situation it is necessary to analyze the following considerations:

1.The Interior Minister, Governors, Mayors, Police Authorities and Transit, and representatives of the Judiciary and Judicial Council have failed in their attempt to deal with crime. What is more, instead of reducing, the dangers have increased. More and more meetings are agreed with highly publicity, but nothing is achieved because there is no a well-developed plan to act quickly. 2.It is also important to mention, the disinterest of the National Court of Justice and the discredited National Judicial Council to punish the bad judges which do not fulfill their duty and leave the criminals free, despite claims made by media and the police. 3.Moreover, the constitutional provision proposed by the government party, in the sense that in Ecuador there are no criminals, has allowed that illegal Colombians, Peruvians, Haitians, Cubans, etc enter to Ecuador and end with the security of our country with crimes that have not existed in Ecuador.

As a conclusion we can see that extremely flexible Ecuadorian law plays an important role in the terrible situation that we are living. I could even say they operate as complicit in this because we have no legal system to condemn with the rigidity that it deserves this kind of crimes and in that way hundreds of doors and opportunities are opened to continue making the same thing. Undoubtedly, crimes are a social problem whose foundations are rooted in people with a lack of opportunities and unable to improve their quality of life. The consequence is that most people opt for an easy out, a life that is filled with many risks. However, the solution is in the transformation of an entire social system that provides greater opportunities for the general population. We need to start changes in order to improve the future of the next generations.