The crime control model

The crime control model and due process model are from my understanding of our reading materials this week a safety net of sorts. I say this because one protects the innocent from the criminals, while the other one protects the criminals from the system. In theory this makes sure that if you have done something wrong you will have to face up to it, while causing as little harm as possible to the innocents involved. It also was put in place to ensure that you are not punished to harshly for a crime that is committed. For instance you would not use lethal injection for someone Jay walking. These two processes are in place to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that we have to be able to prove you were jay walking in the first place in order to convict you. We do this in hopes of not putting innocents in our jail systems.

There are many reasons why people commit crimes and most of them are likely wrong. Honestly there is no way of knowing short of having the criminal tell you his reason, and hope it is correct. There are however several theories as to what causes and makes a criminal. One theory is biological, basically saying that a psychopath could not help himself. There is another that points out where and how a child is raised will determine if they become serial killers or not. I personally disagree with both of these; I feel that the psychopath has made a conscious decision to do something that is wrong.

Other theories that exist are almost all subsidiaries of those two main theories, however they have some compelling arguments for or against them. The crime family theory for instance points out that it would take both instances to create someone who is pre-determined to commit crimes. Whereas the psychobiological theory focuses on chemical imbalances not hard wiring to be the cause of how easily they commit crimes.