Crime Commission & Crime Script

Since I live with my grandparents, it may be easy for me to “get” a little money from them. I got this idea when I saw my grandfather get some cash out of his wallet and put it inside a drawer. Another time, when my grandmother was doing something for her business, I saw her take out a key and open another drawer from which she got out all the cash connected to their business. I got all this information just by observation.

It would be easy, I know their routines well enough. Every morning they eat breakfast at around 7 or 8 and no one is in their room. This is a piece of cake. All I need to do is finish my breakfast early and go up to their room, say that I need to go to the bathroom or catch some more sleep. I can easily get the key to my grandmother’s drawer and get the cash I need, or get some from my grandfather’s wallet.

The consequence is when they realize that a big amount is missing. They will start suspecting everyone living in the house, and this means higher security. This option is really very easy to execute, and there is almost a hundred percent chance that I won’t be caught in the act. I can lock the door while getting the money, and if someone knocks, I can easily say I was dressing up. This is an opportunity at its best.