Crime and place of occurrence

Looking at the statistics from the US Department of Justice as shown in Table 1. Statistics show that percentage of crime involving strangers mostly occur on the streets. The average percentage of crime from crime of violence to assault is around 28. 15%. Second highest percentage of occurrence is in the parking lot with an average of 9. 5%. For non-strangers, crimes mostly happen at home with an average of 33. 68%. Second highest is in a friend’s residence with an average of 15. 53%.

Based on this statistics it can be seen that surveillance is needed in the streets because strangers strike at passers by on streets and the parking lot is also in need of security. Homeowners must also be aware that there is a large percentage of crime occurrences at home. A surveillance system would be able to help to deter crime. Surveillance cameras both have a negative and a positive effect in society. The organisation must see to it that before deciding to install one, the benefits and disadvantages must be weighed.

Advantages of the use of surveillance camera include the following: deters crime, identifies criminals, monitors traffic rules and regulations, monitors a particular place, area or person and can be used as a substitute to cops when it comes to surveillance. Disadvantages of the use of surveillance camera include privacy invasion and cameras can also be used as a spy camera. Examples of the benefits and disadvantages are shown in the next paragraphs. A major benefit that an individual, company or organization can get from surveillance cameras is the increase surveyed security.

Patrick Marshall (2007) had stated that Britain had installed several surveillance cameras in public places to deter bombing. Information Today (2007) had further verified this, video surveillance in Britain is stated to be the single-most heavily funded non-criminal justice crime prevention. It is further stated in the article that the country has a network of public surveillance cameras. These cameras are located on streets, busses, trains, subways, offices, pubs, malls, churches and schools. The British Residents are captured in camera almost 300 times each day according to experts.

Tom York, the editor of San Diego Business Journal, (2007 p. 47) had stated that the suspect on who blew the subways in London had been caught because of the cameras that had been installed in the city’s subway train. Britain is not the only country who recognizes the use of surveillance cameras. Information Today (2007) had stated that Canada had started to use surveillance cameras in the year 2002. The country decided to install the cameras because of the recent terrorist activity (the 9/11 attack).

Spain and Italy had decided to go along with Canada. Both countries had decided to increase video surveillance to watch over public areas and high-profile buildings. Ireland and Russia, which were users of surveillance cameras before had decided to improve and increase surveillance because of the face recognition technology. America is having doubts on putting surveillance systems before the 9/11 attack. After the attack, the country had embraced the face recognition system and the use of surveillance cameras.

Surveillance Cameras had been also used in Casinos since the year 1997. The cameras were used to determine the cheaters inside the casino. Marshall (2007) had stated in his article that in the year 1998, nineteen petty criminals were identified in the Super Bowl. The images were compared to the National Police Databases. Another use of the surveillance camera is through the Internet. The Internet had become popular worldwide and this had become a medium to enable web surfers to access situations in different bars, local pubs and action in town.

This makes the web surfers check if it is safe to go out of their homes. Another benefit of the surveillance camera is that in a neighbourhood such as C-Street Downtown San Diego California, the street people who cause trouble are easily caught on film according to York (2007). Having a camera in such places gives reassurance to the people who pass by because the street people who cause crime are seen easily on film. Police can easily identify the culprit using the video surveillance in that particular area.