Crime Analysis

Are we really innocent until proven guilty? Well statistics show that fifteen percent of U. S. inmates on death row are falsely accused and another ten percent are wrongfully put to death. Mistakenly due to the following factors: inadequate evidence, mistaken eyewitness identification, false confessions, incompetent defense lawyers, poor forensics science and law enforcement misconduct. So why is a justice system that is supposed to protect us putting us to death? The real answer is elusive. It just does not make sense to kill someone then investigate. Recently it has been happening that way.

Only to find out after they put the inmate to death, they re-examine DNA and the other factors such as witnesses who come clean about misidentification. Then the government concludes that this already deceased person’s life is already taken, and there is no turning back. Post-conviction DNA testing should be addressed thoroughly before they decide to put someone to death on death row. In today’s society, there seems to be a rush for results. Many argue that the rush for a death sentence is to bring closure to the victim’s family, and that it closes a horrible chapter in the lives of these family members.

However, most people do not realize carrying out the death penalty costs two to five times more than keeping the same inmate in prison for the rest of their life or until the correct set of evidence is looked at and examined. ” Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends”. (J. R. R. Tolkien) How can this be? It has to process out. It is not unusual to have a prisoner on death row 15-20 years.

Judges, attorneys, court reporters, clerks, and court facilities all require a substantial investment by the taxpayer. Do we really have the resources to waste? Do we really want to take more innocent lives? No, keeping an inmate on death row for ten to fifteen years is the right thing to do there is enough time to look into the evidence and re-examine all areas. The bright side of this is there is no accidental death and room for error. Another argument is that our justice system has more sympathy for inmates rather than the victims.

People think that it Is time we put emphasize of our criminal justice system back on protecting the victim other than the accused. Investigators say that a person on death row has almost always committed a crime before this. However, such an argument sends the wrong message why kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong. Yes, we want to make the guilty accountable for crime. But it send this message that “you killed one of us, so we’ll kill you. ’’ The state is actually using murder to punish those who are falsely accused.

Besides, just because the inmate has a prior record does not mean that they have the tendency to always commit a new crime or it should not make them automatically guilty. So basically we are putting people to death based on past convictions. Are these the reasons why they are not looking and examining the current evidence? One of the most controversial arguments of the opposed is that DNA testing and other methods of modern crime scene science can now effectively eliminate almost all uncertainty as to a person’s guilt or innocence.

Exactly, as you read above they use the word almost, almost is not good enough. How could you take someone’s life based on almost accurate information? There have been several documented cases where DNA testing proves that inmate’s they presumed as guilty were really innocent. In these cases the inmates were already put to death before evidence was reevaluated. We have an imperfect justice system where poor defendants are given minimal legal representation by lesser qualified individuals. Some people would blame the court system, not that the death penalty is the problem, but how can we not risk mistakes.

What if someone in your family was put on death row and punished to death because they were almost positive he or she committed the crime? Exactly, it wouldn’t be okay. Putting someone to death is not only evil it is cruel, and inhumane. The only way to be sure we are executing the right person(s) is not to murder them at all. As you can see, utilizing the death penalty without seeking proper cause is not okay. Cases and evidence should be thoroughly looked at in all angles and should not be something taken lightly. Death is something that is very tragic whether it is by natural or unnatural causes.

Taking someone’s life is not going to bring back the life that was lost, nor is it going to change any of the circumstances. Wrongful death can never be reversed! I strongly suggest that we think twice before we sentence an innocent person to the death penalty, and we stand up for what is right. Please understand the parameters of the death penalty and the process in which innocent people are being incarcerated and pleading for their innocent life. Just think about if you were on death row, and innocent, fighting for your life. Wouldn’t you want the same for others?