Crime Analysis and Investigation Discussion Board Essay Sample

Geographic profiling is a method used by investigators to relate the pattern of crime incidents in geographic area. This serves as a way for police force to forecast and analyze the probability of serial crimes. It involves study on how people interact with each other in a daily basis relative to the time and place of interaction. Crimes happened for reason and are mostly associated with deficiencies related to sociological and psychological factors.

In Routine Activity Theory and contextual theory, with the consideration on variables like offender, target, and the absence of implementation of law, variables like time and place are those which must be analyzed to anticipate the recurrence of it in the future. When it comes to rational choice, the trend in decision making is accountable in drawing a pattern among people’s behavior. Another theory regarding Crime Pattern suggests that choice in spatial structure remains a determinant in criminal act regardless whether the offender is conscious about it or not(Rossmo, K. D. 2000. 111-116).

With the use of these theories and variables being considered, geographic profiling can deal to crack the pattern of similarities among criminal acts in a given area, community involved and its frequency. Based from ideas in environmental criminology, this methodology could preempt the seizure of crime opportunities that is highly dependent on regular actions and behavior of people. Reference Rossmo, K. D. 2000. Geographic Profiling. FL: CRC Press