Crime affect studies

United Kingdom is regarded as one of the best country when it comes to education. People from all over the world come here to study because the education system over here is very nice and it is useful to them when they go back to their country, but are they safe over here. Can they walk on the streets without any fear or threat? As they use to do in their country, leave the house in the middle of the night in order to get some food. International students face a lot of problems over here when it comes to this. They do not feel safe over here. They cannot roam around the streets freely because they do not know whether it is safe or not and especially in Wolverhampton. The students over here are very scared to walk on the streets at night or even go to a pub with friends cause they do not know whether they would come back home or not.

According to statistics revealed by the West Midlands Police Department (2004), the crime rate has been increasing a lot in Wolverhampton. The main victims in this are students. Statistics show about one third of students have become a victim of crime while at university. Car theft, burglary, having a purse, wallet or bag stolen continue to be the most common crimes affecting students. Being an international student myself and not used to living in such unsafe environments, I am emotionally affected by this insecurity and as such would like to know if other international students feel the same about this situation.

According to BBC news the reason why International Students are targeted is because they are the richest people over here. When they come here they have everything, Mobile phones, Digital Camera, Car, Laptop and enough Money in order to live a good life. But can they live a good life? Can they enjoy their life over here as they had decided? This interest has led me to choose the topic:

"Does being a victim of crime affect the academic life"? Off-shoots of this question are 'how' does crime affect studies on the course, the effect of crime on the emotional state of the victims and how do they cope with it. As an international student over here I have seen an immense difference when it comes to crime and protection. In my country (INDIA) the crime rate has been going down because the police over there are taking necessary steps to prevent it. At night whether be a weekday or a weekend the police are patrolling all time, but over here the police patrolling is not much during the weekdays, it is only during weekends.

I find the system in India is much better than the system in United Kingdom and because of this the international students are scared. This makes me think about the stress that the international students might be going through. Just sitting in the room and not doing anything can be frustrating for anyone. So I wanted to conduct a research on this to find out how everyone feels? And if it is yes then how has it affected their studies and how are they coping up with it?

My research focus is on the International students who are doing M.A.I.B course in the University of Wolverhampton. In this course there are students from different countries and are having different cultural backgrounds and their way of thinking is also different. When they come here they are in a different state of mind, they think that over here they will be studying and working and enjoying life.

I have conducted interviews of four international students who are doing a fulltime M.A.I.B course in the University of Wolverhampton.Out of these four students two have been a victim and two have not been a victim to crime. The reason why I chose this particular section is because there are lot of students from different part of the world. This research is divided into nine parts. The first part refers to a brief description of the topic and points out the main theories of my topic.

The second part talks about the different research paradigms and explains the reasons as to why I chose to adopt for this investigation. The third part is describing my assignment and research strategy. In the fourth part I have spoken about the research design and the methods used for my data and why I chose that particular method. The fifth part describes my research method. The sixth part is the analysis. In the seventh part I have spoken about my findings. In the eight part I have spoken about the reliability and validity of my findings and the final part is conclusion of my topic.