Creating Possibilities in Angola

Chevron has continues to pave the way to a better world, with their continued help to struggling businesses. Joaquina Manuel, a business owner on the South coast of Angola has now been able to expand due to the microfinancing provided by chevron. This is just the beginning. Chevron launched the Angola Partnership Initiative in 2002, an initiative worth $25 000 000. They launched this campaign so that they could help address the needs of people and regions that have been devastated by war.

As a part of this program, Chevron is pioneering a business program for high school students all around Angola. After making a $1 000 000 contribution in 2010, an entrepreneurship program is in the stages of being launched. Chevron also became a partner in Banco Africano de Investimentos Micro Finanças. Since 2007, more than $54 million dollars had been loaned to entrepreneurs in Angola. Joaquina Manuel being took out a loan for $3 000 000 and this has revived her business completely.

Angola was once a country where global food assistance was needed. Farmers would spend their money cultivating their crops. Thanks to the ProAgro Project funded by chevron and the U.S Agency for International Development, technical assistance on farms has been provided. Chevron obviously has a good heart. But it doesn’t end there. They also funded a $350 000 vaccination campaign, to provide vaccinations against the poliovirus. These vaccinations had seemingly rid Angola from the disease. In 2012 it made an appearance in the Congo. Chevron responded by sending more vaccines and financial resources to Angola and supported the national campaign to fight polio.