Covert Emotional Manipulation

The first step to fully understanding dark psychology as a whole is by first fully grasping what covert emotional manipulation is. This because many techniques of dark psychology we shall talk about in this book often makes use of covert emotional manipulation in more than one specific way. Learning more about this particular theme will grant you a higher understanding of what it actually consists of as well as recognizing its v various manifestations across the board. This is, therefore, a very crucial step in understanding this wider topic of dark psychology in general.

What then have people often beloved covert emotional manipulation to be? This is defined as an attempt by an individual to influence the thoughts

Feelings of another person in a sneaky yet undetectable way. Breaking down each of the three keywords will perhaps assist in handling the very base of this theme. Covert, simply refers to the way that these manipulators are able to hide their true nature as well as intentions from their target victim. Not all emotion manipulation, however, can classify as being of a covert nature. The victims to this type of emotional manipulation will in most cases not be aware that they are being controlled from the shadows, nor aware of the manipulator’s motivation as to why he is doing it.

The emotional part of this theme refers to the specific focus of the manipulator. Other possible types of manipulation usually include people’s will power, beliefs, and behaviors. This type of manipulation is mainly centered on impacting a person’s emotional state as well as their perception of reality. A majority of the manipulators dwell on this area the most since they will often lead to them fully grasp a person’s emotions seeing that they are the gateway to all the other aspects of their personality. This ultimately makes the manipulator take full control of the victim from the word go.

Manipulation is the final piece to covert manipulation of this rather complicated puzzle. Manipulation is generally misunderstood and is that it is totally the same as influence. This could not be further from reality as manipulation is often referred to as the concealed process of undue influence that is said to have occurred outside the consciousness of the individual who has fallen prey to control. There are also distinct intentions for both manipulation and impact that drive them.

An individual who regards himself as an influencer will often try to help a person in one manner or another only in general. A manipulator is a reverse opposite since their purpose is to regulate their victims secretly for their own gain, mostly without consideration for their victim. Therefore, in the difference between whether or not a specific action is of a manipulative nature, intention is something important to consider.

More generally speaking, situations, where this type of manipulation can be used, are within the scope of the private, professional, romantic and family life of an individual. Romantic covert emotional manipulation is undoubtedly the most lethal and common type of emotional manipulation. But once toy understands both its fundamental idea and its practical adaptations, you will at least be able to erect mechanisms that can be used to protect yourself against this regardless of the scenario in which you are. Just like these prevalent cases where it is frequently manifested, there are also some prevalent kinds of people who express the thoughts that support covert emotional manipulation. The trick to understanding this theory fully will require one to be able to find a relationship between this complex theory to the actual individual portrayals of its such example of these personal portrayals of stealthy manipulation is in the broad field of relationships. Normally, if two people are in a relationship and one notices that the other is trying to assert a certain type of control

In one way or another, the victim of this attempted control often chooses to leave said relationship since that is a line is because of this very reason that, that most manipulators decide not to be open on their approach but instead approach manipulation in a very clandestine manner. The victim often gets subjected to complete emotional manipulation, without having to realize what is going on. This is often beneficial to the manipulator since he is able to get his heart’s desire of controlling another person while at the same time managing not to lose the victim

A friend may use this sort of manipulation, and not only romantic relationships to get whatever they are out of friendship. This is frequently implemented to plant the seeds of guilt, compassion, and guilt towards themselves within the victim. There will be no singing le clue to the friend in this scenario as to whether or not they are being manipulated. Because of this impact, the victim may not usually be able to understand why they may feel or behave towards the so-called’ friend’ in some manner.

Covert emotional manipulation also is seen at play in the professional world. Since the beginning of time, employees have raised the issue of having certain superiors who have made them at one time or the other, feel a certain unexplainable feelings of fear, duty or overall guilt. Due to the busy nature of these professionals, they are often oblivious as to the reason these feelings exist within them, as well as where they seem to originate from.

The most delicate situation we will discuss is the family dynamic scenario. This is an extremely difficult situation since, because they share blood, one could never suspect a family member. Being manipulated by one’s own flesh and blood usually has serious server outcomes for a victim because of the level and intensity they are likely to be influenced by. The issue we are asking ourselves is how these manipulators succeed in inculcating such extreme amounts of control over their victims? Usually this is seen to be implemented using a number of otherwise diabolical tactics that are both difficult to identify and difficult to withstand.

One such tactic is known as the love bombing tactic. This put simply is merely the tactic involving the intense, sudden and powerful display of favorable feeling towards their is essential to remember that manipulators generally deploy this tactic at the very beginning of their communication with their victims. This tactic seems a little odd when you actually think about it. This is because an individual who intends to harm their victim is not anticipated to be intensively positive at first. Well, if it is to serve their own selfish interest, why not? The theory behind this is quite easy because its main aim is to generate an otherwise intense impression of affection, trust, and compliance for the manipulator within a victim. The extent to which love bombing is used as well as the person on which it will often be used relies on whether the situation is assessed by the manipulators. What am I going to mean here? Take a person, for example, who seems to be very desperate, hopeless and solitary. The manipulator is more likely to choose this person as his victim as he is conscious that, as opposed to their more fulfilled counterparts, they will be extremely receptive to him… Two very important things may be learned from the above definition above. Two very important lessons about covert emotional manipulation can be seen to be introduced to us.

The first lesson is the flawless nature and use of covert emotional manipulation. If let’s say someone with an intention of harming another person, might tell you “this person was really good to me. We should all hang out together sometime “how could you be able to release this as a type of love bombing at first glance? This is basically any particular negative outcome is more often than not presented in the most positive ways.

The second lesson we derive from this is that emotional stealth manipulation can be presented in distinct ways depending on the specific position of the victim. For this, a qualified manipulator with some experience is best suited as they understand the ideal timing of how and when to deploy this method in any specified situation. Let’s look at an instance of this being used on a daily basis. Normally, when provided with donations and presentations at events, whether it’s birthday parties, commitment parties, etc. Someone inexperienced will attempt to use this without knowing exactly they are doing and end up failing even before they actually started. They are supposed to know the extent to which his victim is likely to respond to certain techniques more than others.

Another technique to this is known as imminent positive reinforcement. This is a technique that usually involves controlling a victim without them having any knowledge of that. This is generally the flow of activities from love bombing, directly followed by positive reinforcement then finally intermittent positive reinforcement. Why is this so? Love bombing has the purpose of lowering the victim’s defenses, which I turn increases their reliance on the person manipulating them. This sets the dream of a positive relationship or friendship. Another tactic often employed by the manipulator is known as triangulation. This is an effective tactic in the arsenal of a manipulator in which he creates a relationship between you, him or her, and some other third party… The main goal of this is to make a victim feel somewhat uncertain about the relationship, leading the victim to have an intense love for the manipulator that just makes them stay together for a longer period of time talking about an old lover they had, or just bringing up someone they often meet randomly at the gym. Their primary interest is in generating insecurity for their victims. If you create subtle, unfavorable comparisons between you and the outside individual, it makes it much worse. They will deny interest in the other person if you confront them and tell you that the real problem is your insecurity or low self-esteem. Where did you hear before that? It is not unusual for the manipulator to treat the other person as his next destination while using him conveniently.

Another devious tactic used to deploy covert mind control is known as insinuating. The primary objective of this is to create a victim feel somewhat unsure about the relationship, leading the victim to have an intense love for the manipulator that just makes them remain together for a longer period of time speaking about an ancient friend they had, or just bringing up someone they often meet randomly at the gym. Their main interest is to magnify their victim’s insecurity. It makes it much worse if you generate subtle, unfavorable comparisons between you and the person outside… Your partner smiles as an example and says, ‘What do you know? As a prostitute, you could make a lot of money! “After having sex with him. He’ll tell you when you ask him that he meant it as a compliment. But for a long time to come, you’re going to wonder what he really meant. You may wonder why your partner when he was in bed with you was thinking about prostitutes; why he understands so much about prostitution in the first location; what he really believes about you; and how much you should put on the bill that you are tempted to give him. And you’ll also wonder if he’d just compliment you on how great, as he said a lover he believes you’re. Such remarks are going to work on you and provide the fuel for plenty of resentment, future arguments, and relationship insecurity.

Positive reinforcement is the next step engaged in the search for love bombing. This can be described as the general behavioral switch whereby the specific manipulator does not attempt to show any unconditional positivity towards the victim. He does this until required conduct is performed by the victim. Maybe an instance will shed some light on this issue. If a manipulative guy begins to court this lovely woman, let’s say, he meets in a coffee shop. If he wishes this woman to call him regularly, all he has to do is demonstrate that he has no more immediate impression, which leads her to call him to fulfill his wish. He will only exhibit a positive reaction when this happens. The victim will be in such a deep psychological manipulative trap, that they won’t be able to tell if that the positivity is being used against them. All these are all factors that make the victim subservient to the wishes of the manipulator in order to experience the good feeling is that are available on offer