Cover Letter Sample

I’m writing in response to the opening of the position for Clearance Assistant at the Houston Texas Location. Having grown up around the Oil and Gas headquarters, it has given me a deep passion for the industry and I would appreciate the opportunity to turn this passion into a career at Chevron.

I am currently a student at Texas A&M studying Maritime Administration. You’re posting states that the candidate should be one holding a Bachelor’s Degree with relevant course work or work experience within the marine shore side management organizations and strong self-management abilities. My time at Texas A&M has allowed me to expand my knowledge and focus on the maritime industry with great detail, which I have taken advantage of in the hopes that it will make me a more favorable candidate.

While attending Texas A&M University I have taken many courses that can be seen on my resume which have given me a good understanding of some of the requirements that are listed on the ad you are looking for in a candidate. In these classes, current topics along with the fundamentals were taught. I learned about bill of landing documents, the process of brokerage and chartering and a variety of management courses.

More information about my education and skills is included on the enclosed resume but I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience to discuss my application. I can be reached anytime most easily by e-mail:. Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you.