Court Rules

Hispanics account for 4. 7 percent of North Carolina’s population with a growth rate of 394 percent since 1990 and furthermore, it means that 378, 963 Hispanics live in the state. This rapid growth of their population in North Carolina is mainly due to immigration. This huge increase in their population makes the Hispanics the biggest minority group considered in the United States. Recently, there was an incident regarding the detention of Hispanics in North Carolina at the Smithfield Packing Co. , the leading company in the aspect of the hog farming industry.

They are considered the leading company because of an almost $8 billion worldwide sales in 2003, having the capability to raise over 12 million hogs per annum. Smithfield Packing Co. mainly operates in North Carolina employing a lot of workers, including Hispanics. Protests regarding human issues were conveyed to immigration agents, wherein the adverse or negative effects of detention were stated. Detaining the Hispanics would cause the separation of these detainees with their respective families. Families grow to be more afar, destroying families, and even communities.

Such separation of a child from her parents or of a family’s husbands from their wives causes difficulties both emotionally and financially. The detention causes further fears in the immigrant communities, even to the legal ones. A lawsuit was also placed in the justice court where, in the said lawsuit, the jury found the Smithfield Packing Co. and some other individual or company related to the incident, liable for violating the plaintiffs’, or those who instituted the lawsuit in the court, constitutional rights.

This topic is interesting for there is a faction between the law enforcers and the citizen or residents of North Carolina, more specifically the Hispanics, which is a minority group. Bringing up this issue regarding the rights or civil liberties of the residents, both native and immigrants, would help in reaching a community wherein the law made by the people, would be for the people.

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