Court Review Essay Sample

On February 18 2002, a great man and marine Todd Sommer collapsed in the arms of his wife Cynthia Sommer. The cause is said to have been heart failure. On November 2005, more than 3 years after Todds death, his wife Cynthia Sommer was accused and arrested as the primary suspect for the death of her husband. After a month of trial she was found guilty of murdering her husband by administering arsenic poison for the purpose of financial gain, these was done by a panel of 5 men and seven woman. She was sentenced with life imprisonment without parole.

Where there seems to be no hope for Cynthia, the court granted the defenses motion to undergo a new trial for the case. Should Cynthia Sommer be held responsible for her husband’s death? Let as again take a look at what had happened in the first trial. Considering Cynthia Sommer stands it is quite an unusual scenario that a wife will able to kill her husband in order to collect the insurance and monthly benefits and other financial gain. Even though it is a large amount of money, it is still not sufficient to kill someone that you love.

Considering the fact that Cynthia bore Todd’s child the profit of their love. Also, I believe that he truly love Cynthia because he accepted her to be part of his life even though she have three other children from her first man. Todd has also accepted the three children into his house. That kind of love is really hard to find and is a terrible thing to lose. Cynthia also stated that she grieves for the death of her husband, saying that she loves it so much. On the other hand, though others testified that Cynthia really grieves for the death of her husband, the witness is Cynthia’s mother herself.

Some says that of course being the mother of an accused person it is more likely to tell those things for her daughter though this may be true or not. This testimony has brought the other side to bring witnesses to tell what Cynthia’s behavior was. The witness tells the opposite of Cynthia’s claim. The witness testified that after the death of Todd there have been series of night parties on Cynthia’s apartment, spots of man in her bed, it is also mentioned Cynthia’s breast implant to show her grieving behavior. Another thing is that by the time she was arrested, she by then was living with somebody else.

According to the witness having new relationship with some other guy only after the death of your husband only proves that you are not loyal and you do not really love your husband. In order to show the court that she really love her husband, Todd, and that she will never kill her husband, Cynthia shows the court the tattoo on her arm that includes the birth date as well as the date of her husbands death. “Semper Fidelis”, the marine motto that means always faithful is also tattooed on her arm. This is also done to prove Cynthia’ faithfulness, however, a tattoo can easily be made and having such tattoo does not guarantee anything.

The findings regarding Todd’s death are also somehow questionable. Test results shows that inconsistent distribution of arsenic had been found in his tissue samples and was the cause of his death. Well if it does the case how come it takes several years for them to release the result. No body is a friend for every one and maybe those Todd’s enemy will also have that motive of poisoning him and should also be investigate. The judge also said that there are also no investigations done to prove that the marine base in where Todd was assigned was a free arsenic place.

Since it has been said that arsenic is easy to purchase. But they intend that Cynthia only have the motive and financial capabilities to undergone that murder but no evidences shows that Cynthia was ever purchased arsenic. It is also believed that Cynthia lost the case because off her previous attorney Robert Udell who handles her case. According to judge Peter Deddeh; Udell have been ineffective because he misses several areas that would have been fruitful on the side of the defenses. Such things include failing to object on evidences about the test result that can be considered questionable.

There have been also instances wherein Udell make mistakes that led to the disadvantage of the defense. Udell also fails to call on witnesses to question some testimonies made by the state investigators about how easily arsenic can be purchase. Another aspect hat Udell is unable to defend his client is that he fails to have a counter investigation about the testimony of the marine base that the said place is arsenic free. Thus, leaving the no other option on how and where Todd could have acquired so much arsenic in his body that in his own home.

Because Cynthia is considered to have the motive of killing her husband and the ability to do the act without any notice or doubt, Cynthia will surely be the primary suspect of killing Todd. Cynthia Sommer is given another chance to prove her self-innocent of poisoning her husband for financial gain. This time her new lawyer Allan Bloom is going to present new evidence to prove her client innocent of the case. Disproving the later result that Todd died because of arsenic poisoning is also a consideration as well as proving that Cynthia really did grieved in the death of her husband.

Bloom is expected to call on a grieve expert to witness and to show that Cynthia does not even know what arsenic was and therefore she could not have poisoned her husband, something that her former attorney, Udell, was not able to proved. Having a new lawyer and opening other issues in question brings hope to Cynthia together with her family. Another trial means another hope for Cynthia Sommer and although she is currently held under the custody of the Las Colinas Women’s detention Facility, she will be given another trial to determine whether she will be aloud to bail. The said hearing will be on December 12 this year.

Although she had been found guilty of murdering her husband, it seems that with her new lawyer in charge of the case, Cynthia has a higher chance of winning the case and one step closer to freedom. Still, it is expected that the prosecutor will have some new arguments and evidence to win the case. Whatever evidences are laid; it is the judge’s duty to evaluate and make the right actions and decision regarding the case. Reference Sweetingham, L. (01, December 2007). Cynthia Sommer, convicted of poisoning Marine husband, to get new trial. Retrieved December 7, 2007 from http://www. courttv. com/trials/sommer/113007_ctv. html