Court Review Summary

As we all know that the world of the criminal is always changing and the Law enforcement community needs to change with it. The biggest one would be the courts. There are many things that face the courts today. There are many issues facing the courts and the court administrator’s one problem is the use of plea bargaining in our court system. More than 90 percent of felony cases in the United States in any given year are disposed of via plea bargaining. When a criminal trial is tried this is away in determining the innocence or guilt of those in question, but when the plea bargain is used it is away for the accused to get a lesser sentence.

In my option I think plea bargaining should only be used for lesser crimes. Because this is away for the accused to get out of the harsh sentence and get a less harsh sentence. The only thing with using the plea bargain less is that the courts are so understaffed and it would take so much longer for the courts to try a case. With the plea bargain it does help the overcrowded courts to get thru its cases. The next thing would be the language problem with the courts.

Within our country, there is an acceptance of immigration leading to more culture diversity calling for a need for more language interpretation services. “Language barriers and barriers erected by cultural misunderstanding can render criminal defendants virtually absent from their own court proceedings” (“The Increasing Importance of Language”, n. d. ). “This then intensifies the importance of court interpretation as a management issue for the courts, which are increasingly compelled to use language interpreters in court proceedings” (“The Increasing Importance of Language”, n.d. ).

Language interpretation services are not used as much as they should be in the past. That is why we need to start using this service more in the future, because we have a very diverse culture and many people these days cannot speak English. In the years past victims had few legal rights it was not until the federal victim and witness protection act of 1982 this is where it protected the victim and the witness. With this act it helps bring more people forward, because they felt they had some kind of protection from the abuser.

The center for Victims’ of Crime stated that the core rights for victims of crime includes the following rights: the right to attend criminal justice proceedings; the right to apply for compensation; the right to be heard and participate in criminal justice proceedings; the right to be informed of proceeding sand events in the criminal justice process, of legal rights and remedies, and of available services; the right to protect form intimidation and harassment; the right to restitution from the offenders; the right to prompt return of personal property seized as evidence; the right to a speedy trial; and the right to enforcement of these rights (Center for Victims of Crime, 200.

Thanks to these types of acts it has helped the way victims and witness are treated In about more than 35 states the y have a stressed out court system and the people who are jailed it is not uncommon for them to get time served. I know from experience that this is true. I see it almost every day. We have inmates who come in on drug charges and stay about 20 days before they go to court. Then when they do they get time served and go home what kind of punishment is this. So in conclusion we can see how the courts have many problems that need to be worked on. But as time goes on we can see the courts trying to make many adjustments.

It is just that most of these adjustments take money and most states have to use this money for other things. So I hope that in the future that we are able to give the Spanish speaking person the interperor they need to understand the charges and what is being said in the court room. Because we do have a fair and just criminal justice system we just need to support it more. References The Increasing Importance of Language. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. ncsconline. org/wc/publications/Res_CtInte_ModelGuideChapter1Pub. pdf Center for Victims of Crime. (2009). About Victims Rights. General Overview. Retrieved from: http://www. victimlaw. info/victimlaw/pages/victimsRight. jsp.