Court Officers

In the United States, the Sheriff is usually the highest law enforcement officer in a county. His position is won over an election to serve as a police leader in the county. His subordinates who are also law enforcers are called “Deputy Sheriffs” which means that they are deputized by the sheriff to perform functions the same as his but of lower scope. The functions of the Sheriff differ from county to county since they are autonomous from Legislative and Executive branches of government (Montgometry County Sheriff’s Office, 2007).

However they share certain functions such as serving execute court orders, replevins and property seizures. The sheriff also conducts sales or biddings of the sized items. Their function also includes giving back the stolen property to its rightful owner and evicting tenants in an apartment, house, building or any rented property as long as the court orders the tenants to move out.

In addition to that, they also serve a function similar to policemen since they ensure safety in courthouses by inspecting the building and the people attending a hearing just to make sure that they are not carrying guns, knives, bombs and other devices that may cause danger and violence in the courthouse. Sheriffs also maintain security in courtrooms, detentions facilities and transports. They are responsible for transporting prisoners from their county jail, to court houses and to health care facilities government (Montgometry County Sheriff’s Office, 2007).

They are also mandated to serve all legal papers directed to the litigants by the court such as subpoenas, summonses, notices, warrants and other court documents. In cases where they fail to deliver such documents they are held liable by law and may be stripped of their job since delivering these legal papers are deemed vital for the commencement of a hearing (Montgometry County Sheriff’s Office, 2007). In some county the function of the sheriff includes apprehending criminals and fugitives. Some county also have Sheriff Highway Patrols who ensure that the traffic regulations are followed even in highways.

They are also in charged with the safety in their respective roads. Highway patrols are given cars or motor cycles depending upon the budget of the state (McCormick, 2007). In a nutshell, sheriffs perform functions same as the local police in urban setting which makes them county police. The national estimate of the annual wage for this occupation is 48 to 59 thousand dollars with an average pay of 23 to 34 dollars per hour depending upon the position and local budget (Department of Labor, 2006).

The state in the US with the highest employed Sheriffs is Texas with 53,000 employed sheriffs as of 2006 and followed by New Jersey with 24, 000 while the top paying state is New Jersey (Department of Labor, 2006). The requirements for being a deputy sheriff varies depending upon the county. However the general process in applying for the job includes taking an exam whose question differ widely since there are no centralized questionnaire for all deputy sheriffs. Requirements and procedures for the exam are of the discretion of the Sheriff.

Given that the applicant passed the exam he or she is then required to make a personal history statement. This statement is needed for the interview which will be conducted one on one or by a panel. After the panel interview is the orientation wherein the applicants are given more information about their job and other data (San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, 2007). Once an applicant is accepted he is to undergo training in different fields of martial arts, weapons, self defense, first aide and other skills that are deemed significant for them to perform their job efficiently.

Moreover, the moment they undergo training they will be receiving stipends from the government and if they passed the training they will be sworn into duty and will be assigned with a partner to fully acquaint him or her with the functions of the sheriff (San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, 2007). The job of the Sheriff is basically the same as that of police officers since they are all law enforcers and are mandated by law to keep the populace safe. It is also their duty to implement the law and other ordinances. Reference Broden, S . (2005). Fiscal Impact Statement. Washington Department of Labor.

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