Court Issues Research Paper

Many issues face our court systems and administrative in today’s society. The future will hold many changing aspects, issues, and trends. Victim rights will also change as we move forward into the future. There will be many aspects of victim rights that will remain the same as in the past and the present but will forever change in the future. The future will hold many changes in our court systems including victim right, language services, and administrative. Immigrations and culture diversity are going to be one of the fastest changing issues in the court system.

It is estimated that 32 billion people do not speak English in today American society (Ncsonline). It is law that an interpreter has to be present in a court proceeding if the case involves an individual that is not fluant in English. Language barriers pose potential hazards for all parties of a court proceeding. Legislation needs to make it law that an interpreter have many qualifications and to be certified in the language interoperation that they are representing. There should be test and certifications made for those interested in interpret ring so that they are qualified to do so in a court of law.

There should also be training for the judges and the clerks and all personnel to better understand and assist in interoperation. Many courts run into financial issue revolving around the learning and obtaining interpreters. Many laws are put into place to protect victims’ rights when assessed in a crime. In 1984 the program for victims rights was brought about it was named Voca Victims of acts crimes. This program involves the finical support to victims of crimes that have been injured or had finical loss due to the crime.

In the near future the funds in this program might not be available any longer to due lack of the funds coming in. In the past years, current times, and possibly into the future the funds tend to fluctuate, depending on the crimes and the amount of them. Due to the decreases of funds this could jeopardize the way the courts actually handle certin cases at hand. In the future our court systems will not be able to order that criminals pay to the victims through victims’ rights due to the lack of funding available.