The Cost of Illegal Immigration

The United States of America is one of the countries that is being considered by foreigners of almost all nationalities as the place to emigrate. The most common reason is the good economic prospect which is the basis of their pursuit for the elusive American Dream of prosperity not only of his family and himself but other close friends and relatives. It is a common belief that the US benefited to the influx of both legal immigrants who possess the needed technical skills fitted to a modern economy and the illegal ones who are willing to do the job at much lower price than the American standard.

On the other side of the coin, there are also costs involved in maintaining both the illegal and legal immigrants. Reliable sources show that more costs is being incurred by the US in hiring low cost labor being supplied by illegal immigrants. This paper aims to document the cause and effect to the US economy and society of illegal immigration. The Cause and Effect of Illegal Immigration The Immigrationcounters. com cited an independent report from bearstern. com that as of January 03, 2005, there were about 20 million illegal immigrants in the U. S. The estimate included the sons and daughters, relatives, friends, and those incarcerated and

transients of first generation illegal immigrants who normally refuse to fill up the form from the US Census Bureau which reported only about 10-11 million in the same period. (Illegal immigrants…5th par. ). Moreover, the website declared that “Illegal immigration generally falls into one of two categories: those who entered the country illegally and those who were admitted legally as visitors or on temporary work status and overstayed their visa 2nd par, 1st to 3rd line). The website further reported that due to illegal immigration, a number of government agencies and private businesses benefited from much lower labor cost.

The lower labor cost however is being offset by increased cost of social services the US has to shoulder and pay for caring of the illegal immigrants and immediate families. Among the expenditures US has to shoulder are as follows: 1. Health care services for maternal and anchor babies 2 The fairus. org or the website of Federation for American Immigration Reform defined anchor baby as “an offspring of an illegal immigrant or other non-citizen, who under current legal interpretation becomes a United States citizen at birth” (2nd par, lines 1 to 2). Moreover, per 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, the anchor

baby may sponsor other family members for legal entry into the US when he or she reaches 21 years of age. Related to anchor babies, DuBard and Massing in their paper published in Journal of American Medical Association revealed from their research that pregnancy health care and childbirth which entitled even illegal immigrants in the US, is the top health cost for illegal immigrants. FAIR reported that as of 2008, there were 425,000 anchor babies born annually by 13 million illegal alien population in the US. In California alone which is the home of majority Mexican illegal migrants, the county shelled out $215.

2 million for 74,987 deliveries by illegal alien mothers in 1994. (The price we pay, 2nd par. ). This is the way America welcome illegal immigrants in exchange for the cheap labor. They were entitled to medical care at government expense making the country the top choice destination among illegal entrants. Representative Ron Paul Texas in October 2, 2006 as cited by DuBard and Massing said that the US cannot afford to open the country to the rest of the world and must end the pervasive incentives that attract illegal immigrants and their planned strategy to stay forever with the aid of their anchor babies.

This situation is misinterpretation of Amendment 14 of U. S. Constitution which says “all persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States. ” (fairus. org, “interpreting…” 1st par. ). In close analysis, the phrase “in jurisdiction thereof” clearly mean to exclude from automatic American citizenship those persons born from illegal immigrants whose alliance with the US is incomplete. 2. Cost of education of the anchor babies The US school system also faces the burden of providing education for the anchor children and their children.

In 2004, the US General Accounting Office report that the 3 annual cost estimate of educating the illegal children from two states were $87. 5 million in Pennsylvania and $1. 04 billion for Texas. In 2004, FAIR reported through Immigrationcounters. com that the total K-12 expenses of illegal immigrants is about $12 billion annually. When anchor babies [totaling 3. 5 million as of January 1, 2006] education expenses were added, the expenditure amounted to $28. 6 billion annually with projected 10% increase per year (“cost of illegals enrolled…2nd par. ). This is the amount being shelled out of the coppers of US out of the taxpayer’s money.

This clearly indicate the never ending huge responsibility that US taxpayers have to shoulder in exchange for the cheap labor from the illegal immigrants. The amount could have been invested in improving social services for the legal citizens so that hospitals and schools will not be closed due to lack of budget. 3. Social services cost The immigrationcounters. com reported that the “cost for social services include food stamps, AFDC, SSI, housing, Social Security, earned income tax credit, Medicaid, Medicare A & B, medical services in emergency rooms, increased local government services” (“Cost of social services…, 1st par).

Added to this is the $4. 3 billion unemployment payments annually to legal American citizens who lost their job to illegal immigrants and the lost tax revenue making a total of $50 billion a year. The illegal immigrants once they have joined the American society were also entitled to social services to maintain their well being. The amount could have been invested in other services to take good care of legal citizens. 4. The cost of raids and patrolling borders It is a known fact that the Border Patrol under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the one in charge of guarding the US borders to ensure that no illegal

immigrants can enter the country. The raids are being undertaken by agents of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to incarcerate aliens who have expired visas and working permits but still continue to live in the U. S. and taking the 4 employment which should have been for the legal Americans thus robbing them of the precious earning opportunity. According to journalist Mickey McCarter last 22 October 2008, the budget of the DHS in 2009 is pegged at $41. 2 billion (“2009 budget also…” 2nd par. ) This represents the salaries and equipments and exclude the actual cost of

incarcerating criminals and overstaying illegals. The immigrationcounters. com reported an amount of $ 1. 3 billion as of January 1, 2006 as actual cost of raids and incarceration of 600,000 absconders and fugitives. The website also reported that the INS cannot locate the whereabouts of these fugitives despite the amount budgeted for the purpose. According to George Weissinger of Department of Behavioral Science-Criminal Justice Program of New York Institute of Technology, the number of aliens trying to enter the US by sneaking through the border is known but the number and whereabouts of those

aliens who have expired visas and became criminals was not accurate or the record is being hidden by the INS. (“The Labeling Approach …”7th par). It appears that the emphasis is on border patrol but locating and incarcerating the criminal alien who have entered the US already receive less efforts from the government. 5. Cost losses from money wired to Mexico and other Latin Countries It is an established fact that illegal aliens were employed and receive much lower pay from the US establishments that’s why they got the job instead of the Americans. Part of their salaries were sent back home to their relatives.

This money is not taxed as it is being sent through informal channel or through friends. The amount of money coming out of the US coppers annually amounts to $500 billion per Immigrationcounters. com (“Money wired to…”, 13th par). This income is being given in cash by establishments were illegal migrants work and therefore not subject to tax. This money should have been taxed if the work is done by legal Americans. Moreover, the amount should have been invested inside the US to create more employment and generate money to finance high quality social services for the legal Americans.

Illegal immigrants are also human beings and are therefore entitled to human 5 compassion. They became illegal immigrants contrary to their liking for the reason that they want a more brighter and secured future for their loved ones and being so is their last ray of hope. In short, they did this against all odds including risking their lives and fundamental rights as a human being. To this effect, there are individuals in the US who chose to use their career as professionals in defense of these immigrants . The main objective is ensuring delivery of human compassion to ensure welfare of the immigrants.

Dr. James Dwyer, Professor of Bioethics and Humanities of Upstate Medical University of New York in his paper in 2004argued that giving health care to illegal immigrants is a question of bioethics. The job being done by illegal immigrants were the menial and dirty jobs which legal Americans despise doing. In the light of limited resources, it is an ethical decision to give health care to illegal immigrants who did an honorable violation of just being an illegal immigrant than those hardened criminals in prison who in one way or another contributed to destruction of society because of what they did.

Doing this is looking at the problem and offering solutions in a wider perspective. An individual who is suffering from a deadly disease as a result of his effort to help society is entitled to health care and respect (Illegal Immigrants Have the Right to Receive U. S. Health Care, 3rd par. ) Difficulty page ( Area of the research where information is difficult to find) It was proven from the sources consulted that the information related to exact number of illegal immigrants who have overstayed and have expired visa is not available. George Weissinger in his paper on enforcement of immigration laws said that there is one thing

that need to be emphasized in the implementation of immigration laws and that is to consider the fact that immigration law violators are not yet immigrants (“the illegal alien problem”, 4th par. ). They are to be considered law violators due to the fact that they violated the immigration laws. Majority of them intentionally hide and still work despite knowing that they have expired visa. The actual condition is that the INS of the DHS 6 seem lacking the will to locate and incarcerate the illegal immigrants once they joined the flow of the American society. Majority of them were employed and being cuddled by

their employers although they know that the persons they were employing have expired visas. The reason is due to the fact that they pay these illegals with much lower price than if they employ legal Americans. Some of the employers gave details to INS of the whereabouts of their illegal immigrant employees when they commit crimes or hooked to illegal drugs but they were never caught and deported. Still majority of them can be easily incarcerated when they are confined in the hospital as they are being taken cared of by the hospital staff although they pronounced upon admission to the hospital that

they were undocumented alien. Due to lack of interest by the INS to pursue criminalizing overstaying immigrants, the data related to their actual number and whereabouts cannot be easily ascertained. Weissinger claimed that the INS probably knows the data but are hiding it to cover their inefficiency and try to hide the internal immigration problem with data from incarcerated border crossers (“The Labeling Approach …”,7th par). Success page (Area of the research where data can be easily accessed) The area of research where accurate data can be easily accessed is the number of

anchor babies and the related topics to it. The number of anchor babies born was accurately reported by FAIR to be 33 births per 1000 mothers. In 2008, FAIR reported that according to US Census, the illegal alien population was reported to be 13 million and computing it based on 33 births per 1000 illegal alien mothers, the anchor babies born in 2008 was 425,000 infants (“the price…. ”, 2nd par. ), all of which are automatically US citizens based on Amendment 14 of the US Constitution. The offspring of these anchor babies and their close relatives can also be US citizens. This is a silent proof that

sooner, the US will be a nation of Latin immigrants and the original citizens of European blood will soon be a minority. The Immigrationcounters. com which based their estimate not from the US Census as they claim that majority of the illegal immigrants are hesitant to accomplish census 7 papers for fear of being caught by the DHS. The website revealed that from January to October 2006, there were 324,630 anchor babies born (“Anchor babies…. ” 13th par. ). The average number of anchor babies born per month was computed at 36,070 with 10% annual growth as basis for computation in the future months to arrive at the actual

number of anchor babies born. Judging from the presentation of the information, one can create the perception that the figures more or less is accurate. We can just imagine the number of anchor babies born which has to be supported by the US from the taxpayer’s money as they are automatically US citizens at birth. Summary and Conclusion . It was proven from documents that the US is spending billions of tax payers’ money to take care of illegal immigrants in terms of medical and ensuring quality education expenses. The normally impoverished and malnourished illegal aliens were entitled

to food stamps and medical care for ethical reasons the moment they join the American society in exchange for their cheap labor. Losses in terms of opportunity income and reduction of unemployment were also realized as the illegals rob employment opportunities from legal Americans due to the fact that they offer lower pay in exchange for their services. Not yet satisfied of emptying the coppers for medical and social services, the illegal immigrants are also emptying the US treasury of precious dollars by sending part of their income out of the country to their country of origins normally to

Mexico and other Latin American countries to the tune of $500 billion annually. The root of everything is the mis-interpretation, disrespect and rape of Amendment 14 of the US Constitution. Meanwhile the staggering cost due to illegals kept on mounting and emptying the coppers 365 days a year and this will continue to haunt the United States unless Amendment 14 is correctly interpreted. 8 Works Cited DuBard, C. A. and Massing, M. W. “Trends in Emergency Medicaid Expenditures for Recent and Undocumented Immigrants,” Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 297. 10 (2007) 1085-1092 Fairus. org.

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